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Get a Thrilling Experience at Pench Tiger Reserve through Deccan Odyssey

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  • 05 Apr 2023
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One of the most luxurious trains of India, Deccan Odyssey offers a thrilling trip to the Pench Tiger Reserve, located on the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The luxury train begins from Maharashtra with its valued guests.

The Deccan Odyssey is operated by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), along with its channel partner Cox & Kings. The specialty of this train is that it runs through the amazing wildlife destinations such as Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Chandrapur district and Pench in Nagpur districts.

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Indian Railways offers this train to the tourists so that they can enjoy a joyous morning safari in Pench at 5 am. Tourists can also take a safari in Chorbahuli, if any unavoidable circumstances occur. It is one of the ranges of Mansinghdeo Wildlife Sanctuary in Pench. The buffering time at this range is at 8 am.          

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The passengers can spot various herbivorous animals along with jackals and wild dogs. Passengers can have a nice time by seeing nature interpretation centre while returning to the Sillari gate at Pench. They will get to know 'Tiger Tale' and an interactive insight in to the world of birds and animals from MS Reddy, the chief conservator of forests (CCF) and field director, in the Mowgli Land.

Later, you can get the best experience of the journey by getting the glimpse of a majestic tiger moving in front of your vehicles. It can be considered as the most exciting part of the journey, making it memorable throughout life.

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Rich jungle experience can be gained in the striking and vibrant forest of Pench. The trip to this forest will bring in the memories of the land of Mowgli land in 'Jungle Book,' written by Rudyard Kipling.

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The train will then leave for Tadoba from Pench, from where it will proceed towards Jalgaon to Ajanta and Nashik. Then it will be back to Mumbai. Maharashtra Wild Trail journey of 8 Days under the Deccan Odyssey that covers the enchanting destinations- Mumbai, Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Pench, Tadoba, Ajanta and Nashik will provide this unforgettable jungle tour.

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Deccan Odyssey is known as a special luxury train in India, which has been designed inspired by the model of 'Palace on Wheels' in-order to boost tourism. Pench has been the most attractive destination of this tour itinerary provided by this luxury train.

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