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5 Places to Visit in Maharashtra in November

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  • 22 May 2023
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Maharashtra is a stunning place to visit in all seasons. November is the best season to visit as the weather is just right and there are plenty of festivities around for you to explore because of one of the major festivals celebrated across India – Deepavali!

This Indian state has a beautiful mix of all the cultures and folks here are friendly and welcoming. From bungalows and palaces to small villages and countryside, from big trendy malls to local, ethnic small shops, from man-made monuments and caves to natural scenic beauties, Maharashtra has it all.

Here is a list of must-see places in Maharashtra in November:

1. Mumbai

Mumbai is buzzing with activities throughout the year and you should visit this place in all seasons to fully experience the beauty and the energy of the city. The weather is quite enjoyable in November which makes it perfect for roaming around the city.

Housing the famous Bollywood, Bandra,the “Beverly Hill” of India is a must visit for you to have a feel of the luxurious bungalows in which these stars reside.You may even be able to get a glance of your favorite Bollywood star! You can enjoy variety of mouth-watering snacks like Vada Pao, Pani Puri and many more in Juhu Chowpatty.

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Tips for November visit to Mumbai

  • Don't miss the cool and breezy walk from Gateway of India down the marine drive.
  • Be there at marine drive on Diwali light when it is fully lit with lamps and lights to mark the festival of lights. There are fireworks too, to make the night vibrant and colourful.
  • The grand celebrations of Chhath Utsav on last day of Diwali at Juhu beach is a must-see.

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2. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

November, being the pleasant month and the onset of winter is the best time to visit these caves. You would love the hike towards the caves, and on the way see a whole view of the Ajanta caves from popular view point. Kailasa temple at Ellora is the best place to view the sunset and is a mesmerizing sight to view.

Diwali is celebrated in a majestic way and the Maharashtra tourism department organised a cultural music and dance festival every year which is soaked with extravagance and beauty. You can participate in competitions like Mehndi and Rangoli other than enjoying the cultural events making to make your visit more exciting and memorable.

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Tips for November visit to Ajanta and Ellora Caves

  • Diwali celebrations are a must-see as a lot of cultural events happen during this time. The festivities start with music and dance festival with local performers at their best.
  • Exhibitions and shops will keep you busy as they are full of competitions and attractive handicrafts like embroidered fabric, embossed prints, bejeweled footwear, sculptures and paintings to buy. You will also enjoy scrumptious local food.
  • Reach the caves early to beat the crowd and breathe in the most splendid views in peace. Take a water bottle and torch, especially if you are planning to hike.
  • Sun sets early and it gets colder during evenings, so better to come down early.

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3. Konkan Coast

Konkan is well known for its many beaches. Truly a paradise, Konkan is a must-see for various reasons like connectivity, friendly people and lower prices. Added to this, Konkan is a relatively less explored and mostly peaceful place.

People in Konkan are quite well-off, generous and merry. They celebrate Deepavali in November with a lot of richness and in a traditional way. Special trains run on Konkan railway during Diwali to cater to the demands and to ensure smooth travel.

Now a days, Indian luxury trains are very popular. You can also take a Deccan Odyssey which is the Asia's leading luxury train.

Know more about Deccan Odyssey:

If you are planning to visit Konkan coast in November, that's a great choice because the weather is also just perfect to enjoy the Diwali festivities.

Tips for November Visit to Konkan Coast

  • Take the train to enjoy breath-taking views. The train frequency increases during Diwali due to more tourist influx.
  • Be sure to talk to local people – they are friendly and full of life and can guide you on the best and most unexplored and pristine places.

More details about the Deccan Odyssey:

4. Tadoba National Park

Located in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, this is the oldest and largest tiger reserve. November is almost winter time in Tadoba which is pleasant and gives great relief from the humid temperature of the summer. Because of the pleasant weather, the nature is in pink and this is the best time to visit the national park.

Though, compared to winter months, the spotting of tigers is better in summer months, it is still better to go during winters to beat the heat and the associated tiredness. The park is most beautiful at this time compared to all other seasons and you can spot about 74 types of butterflies amongst other insects, animals and water birds.

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Tips for November visit to Tadoba National Park

  • The best time to visit the park as the weather is pleasant and it is easier to cover the park without getting tired.
  • Park looks beautiful with flora and fauna in full bloom, so you can get some great pictures too!
  • Don't miss to see some of the endangered species like the Indian python, changeable hawk-eagle and so on.

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5. Nashik

The city where the Kumbh Mela takes place every 12 years, is an important Hindu pilgrimage that is beautifully situated on the banks of Godavari river.

Other than holy places like Ram Kund and Mukti Dham, Nashik also houses the best vineyards of the country.

November is the peak tourist season for Nashik as the weather is pleasant with the winter setting in and the place is visibly beautiful at this time.

Diwali is celebrated in a traditional way and a visit to Nashik at this time is ideal for anyone looking for a cultural glimpse of India and its festivals.

Tips for November visit to Nashik

  • Go for a refreshing dip in the holy Ram Kund during day time when the weather is pleasant.
  • Visit the market which is full of colours, earthen lamps, dry fruits, decorations items, silverware, idols and firecrackers during Diwali time. Buy these at wholesale rates!
  • Don't miss the famous vineyards to get a glimpse of grape cultivation.

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