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Travelling in Train - 10 Reasons Why We Love It

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  • 24 May 2023
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There is something very exotic and romantic about train journeys that one cannot explain using mere words. Everybody loves a window seat in a train and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’d always yearn for a window seat so that you can observe the pleasant countryside through which your train is scampering wild to its destination.

Talking about the countryside, routes of Indian railways hurtle through the grassy meadows and greenish fields where you can actually wave at farmers working hard.

Some routes even race through the most pleasant and scenic landscapes, waterfalls, valleys, etc. It makes you wonder how Mother Nature could be so beautiful and soothing. If you compare trains to any other mode of transportation, you’d find that trains always win. We not only believe that trains are the best, we absolutely love traveling in trains.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider traveling on a train next time you are headed for a destination.

1.  Money Saving

If we compare airfare to train fare, we’d notice that trains are always cheaper and comfortable. Why would anyone want to pay a $100 bill extra for a destination when traveling in a train would be cheaper than that? Trains are fast and frequent. You do not have to wait in lines or have to wait hours for checking out. You do not even need to empty your pockets for a train ticket. They are cost-effective and contented.

Besides, airlines’ ticket fares are comparatively way too esoteric and exasperating. Even their one-way ticket is so pricy, one would hardly think of getting another one. Trains, however, provide a stable fare for a particular distance.

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Sometimes, you may even get discounts depending on the factor if someone canceled their tickets. There are times when your tickets may get upgraded because of that. You can book your ticket in advance online, or you can go to a station and book them in person. That’s your choice.

More or less, train tickets are mostly stable with higher chances of availing some discounts. So, a train journey would save you a lot of money that you can spend on anything else.

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2. Flexibility

If you want to go for a long journey through a train, you would require reservations because it’s obvious. You don’t want the administrations to catch you up without a ticket. You’d have to book your ticket a few days before the departure date due to the availability of seats.  However, this isn’t the same case when you are up for short trips. You can just show up at the railway station and buy a ticket for the train you want to hop on.

The best part about this is you don’t need to pay an inflated last-minute ticket price as your trip is going to be short and you’d get down after a few stops.

Some trains don’t require a reservation which implies that you can show up before your train is leaving, buy your ticket, and get on board. There are about 4-5 minimum trains reaching a particular destination per day, so you don’t need to worry about losing a train. You can always get another one. Some trains pass by every hour or two. We cannot deny that India has a vast railway network, spread all across the country. This makes it easy to make a choice on our travel preferences.

India has got even the smallest towns connected through railways. The network is indeed flexible and it lets you make the choice that fits you better. You can opt for a day trip, overnight train, short trips, and longer trips according to your choice.

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3. Luggage

You don’t need to worry about how much your luggage must weight as this case is only concerned when you’re traveling by flights. Airlines charge a particular amount for your luggage.

Some airlines even charge you for your carry-on bags, which is frustrating. You pay for your own ticket and then you pay for your luggage too. This is why people refrain from carrying extra luggage, even if they need to leave a few important items behind. Well, this is not the case with railways.

You can even carry a bike in a separate luggage train. Anyway, railways in India do not charge a penny for your luggage. You can carry one bag or three bags. Nobody cares! It’s given that you have to take care of your own luggage, but you won’t have to leave your important items behind. If you’re carrying a heavy item, say a bike or something bigger, you can book a separate luggage coach where your luggage with be safe and sound.

If you are carrying just a few suitcases or bags, you can keep them beside you where your berth is. You can easily keep your luggage above or beneath your seat in your compartment. On a plus point, there is no such limit on the weight of your luggage.

4. Hassle-Free Trips


How about taking a trip where you don’t have to arrive 2-3 hours early, wait for your turn in a security line, get embarrassed while inspection, take out each and every stuff from your bag just for inspection and security, and just lose your excitement for your trip.

Well, it’s a good thing that you have trains in this generation. You know the exact time of departure, so you have to arrive just 30 minutes prior and just walk towards your platform. If your train is already there, hop in and find your compartment and seat. If not, wait just a few minutes while munching some snacks. You don’t have to stand in the security line and wait for hours.

All you have to do is to simply walk to your train and board on with your bags. There is no hustle-bustle, useless scanners, or somebody toying with your luggage. Just arrive at your seat and relax. Keep your luggage beneath or above the seat and maybe yawn a little. It’s pretty easy and you don’t need any guidance over it. That’s why we love train journeys as there is no such tension or disturbance getting on board.

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5. Eco-Friendly

This might sound absurd, but trains are a better source of energy. They are energy-proficient per mile which is an amazing fact as neither flights nor roadways follow the same fact. The railway is said to be the only eco-friendly transportation. Trains emit carbon that is less destructive to the environment.

Flights, however, pollute the air as their emissions are released directly into the upper atmosphere. With such energy-efficiency of railways, it’s less likely that industry would be defenseless against the increasing fuel prices. This implies that trains will be far more stable than any other transportation in any economy.

In short, trains use 30% less energy than road vehicles and 20% less energy than airplanes. There is no doubt that trains will soon become a person’s first choice for traveling. On the other hand, trains produce much less noise which is another great aspect of traveling on a train.

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6. Dive Into The Heart Of The City

While traveling on a train, you’ll notice that there are many routes located in the midst of towns. Sometimes locals get off their coaches in the middle of nowhere if they know their destination is nearby. Sometimes you don’t even require a cab or bus to reach your destination.

In the case of airports, you need to have your transfers as hotels, lodges; restaurants, etc are located far from the airports. However, with trains in question, you just need to get there comfortably and get off the train to walk towards your destination. You may not even need a cab. Without a cab, you would be supporting the eco-friendliness of railways.

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Nowadays, metropolitan cities have metro rails/trams/uber that will help you reach your destination. This is your best option. Instead of taking a pricy cab right outside an airport, you can get off your train and walk right towards your hotel. Some railway stations are located right in the middle of the cities. This is another way of saving you a lot of money.

The best part about this is that your train really runs in the middle of valleys with roads running side to side. It feels like you’re traveling inside the town. There would be people smiling at your train and waving goodbyes. This is one such feeling you will never get in an airplane. Probably this is another reason to just admire everything about trains.

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7. The Charm

There is something fresh about traveling on a train; something traditional, friendly, romantic, and charming. This feeling enhances when you’re going on an overnight journey.

Of course, you’ll have to sleep, but you’d still want to take a peek outside a moving train and let the beauty of nature consume you. Traveling on a train gives you a better social experience than you’ll ever have on any social media site. You get to meet so many interesting people on your way and you travel through stories that stay with you forever.

Many travelers love to read books, listen to music, talk to fellow commuters, play cards, play musical games, or simply enjoy their ride while looking out of the window. The charm and fascination of a train’s journey never fade, no matter what century it is or what era is going on.

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8. The Food

Delicious food and snack is the one thing we all love about railways. You’ll find a number of vendors selling snacks, fruits, etc on almost every Indian railway station. These snacks are so lip-smacking that you would not be able to resist yourself. People might tell you not to eat that, but that would mean you haven’t lived a little.

Apart from this, you can never say no to the special railway’s tea. You’ll find two or three vendors selling tea and snacks in every second coach. There is no point in resisting that. Some train journeys (even luxurious ones) provide food and drinks on the way. You have to pay for that, but it’s worthy.

The food wouldn’t be as pricy as you get in airlines. The food comes from the pantry car inside the train. The railway administrations keep a strict and clean environment in the pantry car. Before dinner, you’ll order your dinner based on your priority (veg or non-veg). Your food is well-packed, safe and healthy, and it is directly delivered to you.

Apart from food from the pantry car, you can bring your own food and drinks. This is something you’d never get on an airplane. You are free to bring in whatever you feel like eating and you can also bring in beverages of your choice. This is the best benefit of traveling on a train. However, if you fancy a hot snack, you can have it on any station. They really cook delicious meals. Plus, there are packed snacks available everywhere.

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9. Comfort Zone


If you’ve traveled in an airplane, you know how badly you have to shrink in order to fit in your seat. If you have a long flight, you might get backache or surely a headache. The same happens when you are traveling by road and you have to sit throughout your journey while looking sideways at road signs to check if you’re traveling in the right direction. Then there are trains where you need not do anything and just relax.

You can book a sleeper berth and spend most of your journey lying on your berth sleeping or reading your favorite novel. Traveling by railways is the best thing to do where someone else drives and you has the least to worry about.

You can just relax, warm up yourself, talk to friendly people, eat your delicious food, read books, or listen to your favorite jazz music. The best synonym for a train is a comfort.

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10. Enjoyment

Traveling by railways is just fun. You can literally feel the world is passing by you while you enjoy your time in the train. This gives a pleasant feeling that only a traveler could tell.

Airplanes are surely great, but you cannot enjoy a nostalgic feeling up there. You can literally feel the nature calling out to you. There are grassy meadows, waterfalls, large water bodies (sacred too), and the beauty of the countryside. We absolutely love train traveling and the fun it brings along. Everyone must travel on a train at least once in a lifetime. This leaves a memory so pleasant and magnificent that it stays with you forever.

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