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The First Private Train Of Indian Railways – Delhi Lucknow Tejas Express

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  • 25 May 2023
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The Tejas Express running between Delhi and Lucknow has many luxury features like aircrafts. This is also the first train to be operated by private organizations. This is an experiment initiative by Indian Railways.

According to senior railway officials of Indian Railways, this is the first train to be run by private operators in the history of Indian Railways. The Tejas Express is a luxury chair car service train. Initially, the custody of the train will be transferred to IRCTC for drawing up plans for the train. Later, the project will be handed over to private operators to decide upon the on-board services and other factors.

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This initiative of Indian Railways will understand the advantages of private sector’s participation in train operations. The overall aim of IRCTC is to take up two trains for this haulage concept.

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According to internal sources, the ticketing services and catering services will be taken care by IRCTC. IRCTC will also be paying the annual lease to Indian Railways Finance Corporation for train rakes for the two trains. The private organization will take care of on-board services. The private organization in charge for the train operations will be chosen by an open bidding procedure.

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Initially, low congested train routes are identified for experimenting this concept. Routes within 500 km will be considered. There will be an exclusive meeting between Traffic Members and IRCTC members to figure out the route and plan, on July 10, 2019.

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Train Schedule for Tejas Express- Delhi Lucknow

The Tejas Express running from Lucknow to New Delhi is numbered as Train 12585. The train starts at 6:50 am from Lucknow and reaches New Delhi by 1:35 pm. On the return journey from New Delhi to Lucknow, the train is numbered as Train 12586. It starts from New Delhi at 3:35 pm and reaches Lucknow by 10:05 pm. The train runs five days a week except on Thursdays and Sundays.

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For those who are planning to visit Lucknow in the morning and return back to Delhi in the Evening, the Swarn Shatabdi Express will help. For the ease of travel, the itinerary of Tejas Express is planned to be the converse of Swarn Shatabdi Express. Shatabdi starts in New Delhi in the morning, reaches Lucknow by afternoon and so on.

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Key Amenities of Tejas Express

The entire line of Tejas Express trains is famous for their luxury and modern amenities. Here are the top amenities to enjoy in Tejas Express New Delhi-Lucknow route.

  1. Aesthetic factor similar to an aircraft with LCD entertainment, information screens and on-board Wi-Fi.
  2. Comfortable seats
  3. Charging points for mobiles, reading lights, LED lighting and automatic venetian blinds for the windows
  4. Attendant calling buttons, CCTV and dust sealed gangway
  5. Modular bio-toilets with sensor taps
  6. Vibrant color décor of orange and yellow, quite similar to the exterior of the train. The structure is given an anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping to avoid degradation of beauty with time.
  7. Mini-pantry
  8. Fire and smoke detection system, fire suppression system, automatic interconnecting doors, automatic exit doors and other safety options. Source

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