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Most Important Thing To Carry While Traveling In Trains

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  • 14 Jun 2023
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Packing for a vacation is not something that you can do easily. You would feel like you need everything and even after packing half the house, you would feel like you haven’t packed everything you want.

Unknown to many, there are luggage regulations for train travel too. Thus, if is important to carry only the essentials.

Here are the most important things you should be carrying while traveling in a train.

Ticket And Related Documents

Your train ticket is a must. If you are carrying a physical ticket bought from the ticket counter in the railway station, the ticket is a stand-alone document.

If you are buying online, you need the copy of the ticket as a photocopy or as a saved image in your mobile device. In addition to the copy, you would also need an ID proof (original).

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Water Bottle

The safety of water that you can fill from the designated water filter machine in the railway station is questionable. The water bottles for sale in the platform would be costlier than outside the railway station. A couple of water bottles would not be very heavy. Carry plenty if you are travelling in a non-AC cabin during summer.

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Mobile And Charger

Your dependency on your mobile device could be of any level. When it comes to travelling in train, mobile becomes a safety device. Not all the trains will have mobile charging points. Even if the charging points are available, the chances of them being free for you to use would be another question. Thus, bring mobile with full charge and a charger with Indian adapter. However, it is wiser to bring a power bank.

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The hygiene of the food you can order from the catering service inside the train is monitored well. However, most of the locals prefer to bring food from home or buy online.

If you are planning to buy food online via phone, the network connectivity and strength of the internet on a moving train would be questionable. Thus, pre-order your food before you board the train.

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Safety And Hygiene Items

Napkin, paper soap, handsanitizer and other hygiene items are very essential. The bathrooms of the local trains would not be as clean as you would want it to be. The first class AC, luxury trains and other costlier cabins will be cleaner and better. Safety is also a grand issue. Some prefer chains to link all their suitcases with the bars of the train and some prefer padlock.

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Things to carry while travelling with an infant

  1. Bring a bedspread, towel and other bedding requirements. Any cabin lower than three tier AC will have very hard bedding.
  2. Milk, water, hot water and other food requirements
  3. Medicines - chances of finding a pharmacy inside a railway station are very low
  4. Paper napkins, wet wipes, hand sanitizers and other hygiene requirements.

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