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10 Luxury and Heritage Hotels In Jodhpur

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  • 08 May 2023
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Jodhpur is one of the top tourist destinations famous for the structures that shocase the rich Rajputana life, traditions & culture. There is a lot to explore there including shopping through the narrow lanes at local bazaars, visiting museums, and a lot more.

In addition to this city that shimmers with palaces and architectural marvels, there are heritage resorts and premium 5-Star hotels.

This is a list of the premium resorts and heritage luxury hotels in Jodhpur – The Blue City of Rajasthan.

1. Mihir Garh – Living Beyond Royalty And Rustic Charm

Visitors get a splendid view of the desert land of Rajasthan from the private terraces of the Mihir Garh fort. With royal decor and innovative interiors this plush hotel has lovely, courtyards, Jacuzzi swimming pools, etc.

Guests are charmed by the sculptures and Mughali paintings creating a rustic look with an energetic culture of royalty. The ‘Shaandar Suite’ is an amazing place especially, if you want the grand lavish experience.

Tariff: Starts from Rs. 31,000 per night


  • Moonlit Dinner in the Thar Desert / Shikar Dinner
  • Royal Picnicking & Village Safari
  • Horse ride on a Marwari horse breed
  • Set in the backdrop of dry desert land

2. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace – Live life like a King

This heritage hotel by Taj Group, the yellow sandstone palace hotel stands high above Jodhpur, the desert land. This ancient palace where the Maharajah Umaid Singh lived is a 5 – star plush hotel with regal interiors, 64 ornamental rooms, and royal art features rich history of the Royal family.

This sought after tourist destination is thronged by tourists all year around. The first luxury train in India – Palace on Wheels tours the city of Jodhpur walled in yellow sandstone with several historical structures.

Guests have lunch at the luxurious heritage Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel on the tour. Explore the Maharajah and Maharani Suite for a look into majestic luxury.

Tariff: Starts at Rs. 22,370 per night


  • Crystal Fountain Separating Two Lavish Suites.
  • Squash Court made from Pure Marble
  • City Tour In A Royal Vintage Vehicle With Royal Butler (Hotel organizes city tour)
  • The Exclusive Taj Spa
  • Recreation paneled room


3. Rohetgarh: The Homely yet Luxurious Experience

If you are looking for homely surroundings alongside a luxurious stay this this hotel in Jodhpur is best suited. Decorated with paintings themed with Rajasthani folk culture and traditions with placid courtyards, this resort is very hospitable and homely with luxurious ambiance.

The terrace gives splendid views of the manicured gardens while lounge is done up in a lovely welcoming way. For a luxurious wide and spacious bedroom with Rajasthani decor, take the Lake view Suite that provides outstanding views that will mesmerize you.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 8,800 per night


  • Select Food And Beverages
  • Traditional Layout By The Waterbody
  • Attendants With Utmost Hospitality
  • Large And Soft Mattresses & Bolsters At Waterbody
  • Hotel Organizes Royal Picnic With Advance Booking


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4. Raas – Perfect Combo of Lavish Luxury with Traditional Appeal

This hotel stands out with its red sandstone walls and exceptionally styled pillars showcasing traditional architecture and charming design. This boutique hotel, the first of its kind in Jodhpur comprises of plush gardens and lavish courtyards in addition to the awe – inspiring rooms.

The modern amenities offered by the hotel along with great hospitality and splendid views of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort sets it apart. There is a central water body in the resort and the beautifully decorative terrace is an amazing place to unwind. For an ultimate experience of luxury go for Heritage Suites.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 8,100 per night


  • Darikhana Restaurant location
  • Eat while admiring Baradari & Mehrangarh Fort
  • Spread of Thai & Mediterranean cuisine
  • ILA Spa offers result- driven spa treatments that are specialized, ethical & natural


5. Hari Mahal – Heritage Hotel of the Taj Legacy

Hari Mahal in Jodhpur is an phenomenal hotel offering modern amenities in latitude styled architecture. A product of Vivanta by Taj, the hotel features exorbitant decor reflecting royalty of the Mughals. It also showcases enameled murals, domes like the Mughal times, slim columns, and regal interiors alongside a lavish hotel living experience.

For the perfect majestic extravagance of the Rajputana lifestyle, go for the Premium Temptation Suite. The Palace on Wheels guests have lunch at the Taj Hari Mahal alongside enjoying world-class on-board facilities. This includes centralized A/C, various suites onboard, bar & lounge, 2 lavish restaurants on- board India's finest Luxury trains.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 7,800 per night


  • Dine at sand dunes/ Terrace/ or Jharokhas
  • Exclusive City Tour in Vintage Car
  • Open Jeep ride to Bishnoi Village
  • Traditional Folk Dance
  • Ride on top of a Camel
  • Bajot & Bonfire


6. Indana Palace – Experience true heritage

Situated only 10 km away from the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, the Indana Palace is done up to reflect the true heritage of Rajasthan – of colours & traditions. There is a dome like beautiful portico, marble floored suites with ornate interiors, it is the travelers choice for heritage hotels.

Try for the Presidential Suite as it offers some of the best scenic views of plush gardens & the inner courtyards.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 5,900 per night


  • Wholesome Wellness And Hospitality
  • World Class Menu In Anghiti, Lotus Cafe
  • Amazing Spirits At I- Bar
  • Luxury Spa For Tender Healing At SVA & Balancing Treatments


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7. Park Plaza – Of Contemporary Charm with Business Leisure

The Park Plaza is centered in the ‘Sun City’ - Jodhpur offering awe – inspiring sights of the magnificent Mehranghar Fort. This is one of the best choices not only for the grandeur of suites and rooms but also its proximity to the Jodhpur Railway Station. The luxurious amenities with royal decor and interiors made of marble, this hotel is an up-scale business class leisure of glamor.

Opt for the Luxury Suite in this premium Jodhpur Hotel near Umaid Bhawan Palace the Palace on Wheels has on its itinerary. You may take a look at the Palace on Wheels route map to search nearby locations on the itinerary.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 5,700 per night


  • Pub in complete English style with exotic drinks/ cocktails
  • Unique Bar & Lounge On Rooftop – SKKY 63


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8. Ranbanka Palace – Classy Heritage of Marwar

In this heritage unique to all other heritage resorts, there is colonial style and Marwar rhythms of the bygone era. Dating back to the 1970's, this 'Classic Heritage Hotel' certified by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the Classy Ranbanka Palace is decked up with trophies of hunting, marble inlays, mantelpieces, fireplaces, and jharokhas. Suites is suggested to get the ultimate Signature Jodhana Experience.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 4,700 per night


  • Chabutra Pool Side
  • Spl. Sundowner Package offers amazing desert adventure
  • Rajasthani Baithak offers Ranbanka Thali
  • Pachranga Restaurant serves several cuisines


9. Bijolai Palace – True Heritage of Rajasthan

Set in the backdrop of picturesque Aravallis overseeing the lovely Lake Bijolai, this posh premium resort has 30 rooms & suites to offer. With rainwater harvesting and conservation of water practice, the Lake Bijolai is one of the most attractive features of this place.

With designed gardens, intricate art work, and stone work alongside resort amenities, this 19th Century Marwar Palace has thematic suites with the best being Junior Suite that offers splendid sights of the great Aravallis, its courtyards and interior gardens.

Due to its proximity to Lake Bijolai, there are several dining experiences the hotel offers depending on where you would like to view the beautiful Lake.

Tariff: Starts at Rs 4,650 per night


  • Swan Restaurant overlooks Lake Bijolai with multi-cuisine
  • Experience Open – air Lake -side Dining at Bijolai Bagh
  • Specialty Dining On Prior Reservation for Bijolai Lakeside Terrace
  • Private Dining at Mandore Terrace


10. Marugarh Resort & Spa – Leisure in Serene Backdrop

Set in mesmerizing surroundings of plush flora and plush greenery, the Marugarh Resort & Spa promises utmost luxury and comfort at most reasonable prices. The rooms & suites showcase modern architecture with a touch of artistic arches & art pillars.

The hotel offers all deluxe modern amenities with pleasant hospitable staff and this makes the hotel one of the best choices for several travelers. There are inner courtyards with greenery that adds to beauty of the hotel

Tariff: Starts at Rs. 4,500 per night


  • Unique Play – Zone For Children
  • In-House Bar – Sanjh Majeeth Bar
  • Rejuvenating Spa
  • Maru Gandha offers local cuisine


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