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Him Darshan Express Train : Indian Railways Introduces 7-coach Vistadome Train on Kalka-Shimla route

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  • 16 Oct 2023
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Indian Railways has started the Him Darshan Express on 15 December 2019. The train will run between Kalka and Shimla. There are mirrors on the roof of this new train, from which passengers will be able to take a special view of the Shimla plaintiffs from the moving train on the mountain. The 'Him Darshan Express' has six modern and self-conditioned first class Vistadome coaches.

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Amenities and Features of the train

Each coach will have several modern facilities, such as: two air conditioners, wider UPVC windows, window blinds, as well as honeycomb blinds, Sockets for charging LED lamps and gadgets, upgraded toilets with a Western style water chest of drawers, a washbasin, a container with liquid soap, odor freshener containers, toilet paper rolls, etc.

Its features are as follows:

  • Seven Coaches
  • Modern Design
  • Window Roller Blinds
  • Seating Capacity

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Him Darshan Express Fare and Timing Details

The ticket fare of Him Darshan Express train is INR 630 per passenger (one way) and that is irrespective of age. The train will be run from Kalka railway station at 07.00 am. This train will reach Shimla Railway station at 12.55 pm.

# Station Departure Arrival Halt Distance Day
1. Kalka (KLK) 07:00 AM Source 0 Mins 0 KMs 1
2. Barog (BOF) 09:25 AM 09:02 AM 23 Mins 42 KMs 1
3. Simla (SML) Destination 12:55 PM 0 Mins 96 KMs 1

In return, this train will run from Shimla at 15.50 pm. This train will return to Kalka at 9.15 pm. On both sides, the train will stop at Barog railway station on the way.

# Station Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
1. Simla (SML) Source 03:50 PM 0 Mins 0 KMs 1
2. Barog (BOF) 07:02 PM 07:08 PM 6 Mins 54 KMs 1
3. Kalka (KLK) 09:15 PM Destination 0 Mins 96 KMs 1

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Kashi Mahakal Express - Route, Fare, How to book

Him Darshan Express (52459/52460) Schedule/Route

Train no.

Source Destination

Days Run

52460 - Him Darshan Express Simla (SML) Kalka (KLK) Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun
52459 - Him Darshan Express Kalka (KLK) Simla (SML) Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun

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It will take 5 hours and 25 minutes to complete a one-way trip. According to the Indian Railways, this is the shortest route. It will run every day. Him Darshan Express is the first train with Vistadome coach by the Indian Railways.

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Frequently Asking Questions

Q1. Who is operating Him Darshan Express Train?

A. Him Darshan Train is operated by the Indian Railways.

Q2. What time does the Him Darshan Express depart from Kalka Station?

A. Him Darshan Express(52459) departs from Kalka Station at 07:00 AM.

Q3. How long does Him Darshan Express take to reach Shimla Station?

A. His Darshan Express train arrived at Shimla Railway Station on the first day. The arrival time of Him Darshan Express at Shimla Railway Station is 12:55 PM.

Q4. How much Distance covered by Him Darshan Express?

A. Him Darshan Express is covered 96 km to reach Shimla Railway Station and passes through 3 stations.

Q5. What is the seating capacity of Him Darshan Express train?

A. Him Darshan Express has a seating capacity of over 100 passengers.

Q6. How many stations are being covered by Him Darshan Express train?

A. Him Darshan Express train halts at Barog during a round journey.

Rail Motor and The Shivalik Deluxe Express.

Q7. What is the Train Number of Him Darshan Express Train?

A. The train No. 52459 Kalka Shimla Him Darshan Express runs between Kalka Railway Station and Shimla Railway Station and train No. 52460 Shimla Kalka Him Darshan Express runs between Shimla Railway Station and Kalka Railway Station.

Q8. What is the ticket fare of Him Darshan Express train?

A. The ticket fare of Him Darshan Express train is INR 630 per person (one way) irrespective of age.

Q9. How can I book my tickets for Him Darshan Express?

A. You can book your Him Darshan Express tickets either via Passenger Reservation System (PRS) or online booking modes.

Q10. What are the other trains for travelling on the Kalka-Shimla route?

A. The other trains for travelling on Kalka-Shimla route are The Himalayan Queen, The Rail Motor and The Shivalik Deluxe Express.

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