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PNR Status Guide - All You Need to Know

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  • 24 May 2023
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In Indian Railway tickets, we go through many abbreviations and codes. They may not be clear to us what they are and what they informing us. Such codes and abbreviations make us confused and unknown. Especially, PNR number is the must-known thing on a train ticket.

So in this, we are going to know everything about the PNR number.

What is PNR Number?

PNR number is a unique digit code which includes all the details of a passenger. Its full form is “Passenger Number Record”.PNR is a record database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS). This PNR number holds the complete details of a passenger what they gave at the time of reservation. In a simple way, the PNR number is like a reference to the passenger’s details.

The database of PNR number holds

  • Passenger Details (Name, Age, Sex, Birth Preference)
  • Ticket Details (Train No, Date of the journey, From and To stations, Reservation Upto, Class, Berth, Quota)
  • Transaction Details (Transaction ID, Payment Mode, Ticket Fare).

The 10 digit PNR number gives complete information of a passenger as mentioned above. Simply, it is like the identity of a passenger for the journey. Also through PNR, passengers can check the ticket confirmation status.

How PNR Number will be formed?

The PNR number consists of 10 digits. In the 10, the first three numbers indicate the Zone of the train based on starting station and the last seven numbers will be allotted randomly as per the reservation counter. Through all these implementations, a 10 digit unique code of PNR will be printed on the train ticket.

How to find PNR on the ticket?

If the ticket was reserved through offline mode or at reservation counter, PNR number will be printed at the top left corner of the ticket. If the ticket is reserved through online means, in E-Ticket at the top with the separate block it appears.

How to check PNR status?

It is a very important thing to check twice the status of ticket confirmation. Before the preparation of reservation chart, ticket must be confirmed. If not ticket confirmation will be canceled. But if seats are vacant we can approach train TC and can confirm ticket.

Here given how to check PNR status.

Through online or offline mode we can check the status. For online mode, there will be multiple sites to check. But Indian Railways official websites give accurate and reliable information.

Here in steps wise given how to check PNR status in Indian Railways websites.

Online Mode

Step 1: Open the official website

Step 2: A block will appear with the PNR number. In that block, we have to enter our PNR number and then click submit.

Step 3: You will get information about your train no, class, station name, etc. If confirmed it shows berth and seat number also. Finally, it shows the reservation chart prepared or not.

This is the procedure to check the status of PNR number in just 2 minutes of time in three simple steps.

Offline Mode

Through offline mode also we can check the status. Just send a message with your PNR number to Railway Inquiry number 139. In a few minutes, you will get the reply from the Railway Inquiry about your ticket confirmation.

Is PNR number enough to travel on the train?

Yes, PNR number is enough to travel. If your ticket is confirmed and you know your seat number and PNR number you can travel without a ticket. But you have to approach TC and then show your valid ID proof. After it, TC will confirm the seat number from the reservation chart and some amount will be charged for this.

Another way of approach is messaging to 139 with your PNR number. Then you will get your confirmed ticket to your mobile. You can show this ticket to TC.

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What is the validity period of a PNR number?

The validity of a PNR number is 9 months. After one year the same PNR number will be reused.

It is everything about you have to know about the PNR number. This PNR number guide will be very helpful to passengers to know how to use it and what includes in it.

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