World-Class! Indian Railways to Transform Stations into Airport-like Transit Hubs

In recent years, Indian Railways had taken many changes and renovations in the Railway sector. Among them, redevelopment projects of Habibganj and Gandhinagar railway stations is a very huge thing done by Indian Railways. These two railway stations will be going to be the first 2 Indian Railway Stations built like airport transit hubs.

For Indian Railways, right now these two projects are very prestigious and important to bring up the core level modernization to Indian Railways stations. Due to the reason, Habibganj and Gandhinagar were chosen to implement first at these places.

Indian Railways allotted one lakh crore budget for redevelopment projects. In that Habibganj and Gandhinagar railway stations got the places for renovation. Now, they are getting ready with world-class level transformation changes.

Here clearly mentioned what are the features, facilities, amenities, and cost for transformation, everything was down here about the two stations.

Habibganj Station

Habibganj railway station at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh is the first station selected for modernization. In the year 2016, revamping work of the station was started under the direction of IRSDC (Indian Railway Station Development and Corporation) and Bansal Group.


The station features two subways, one on Itarsi end of FOB and the other on Bhopal end. Each subway will be connected with downward ramps from platform level. Moreover, escalators and elevators featured in the station. Six ramps are equipped from the platform level to subway level. These are some main features of the Habibganj station.

Facilities and Amenities

The Managing Director and CEO of IRSDC, SK Lohia listed what are the facilities and amenities equipped in the station. He said that “The station will include 600 comfortable waiting benches, clean and hygienic toilets, and large retail areas”. And also he said that they are planning to equip the station with lounges, video-game zones, and virtual museums.

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The large retail areas will be included with shops, cafes, and fast food restaurants. Also, everyone can access free WiFi with fast speed and reliable security. The station will have also a plush waiting lounge also. Outside the station, a bus terminal, office lobbies, apartments, will also be arranged on the western side. After completion of the whole work, the station looks like a massive glass dome structure.

Cost for Transformation

The budget allotted to this project is 450 crores. Among 450 crores, 100 crores will be used to revamping of the station and 350 crores will be used for the commercial facility. The deadline they kept to complete these targets are, by July 2019 they are planning to complete Station revamping work and by 2022 commercial facility will be done. Once the station completed, nearly 4 to 5 crores required to maintain the station and the generating revenue will be in between 6.5 to 7 crores.

Gandhinagar Station

Gandhinagar station in Gujarat is the second station selected for the modernization works. Foundation stone for the station was laid by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2017. Under the IRSDC and Gujarat state government construction works of the station are going on. To this project, Indian Railways allotted 250 crores.

Gandhinagar Station

The facilities, features, and amenities equipped to the station almost equal to the Habibganj station. But the special thing is the five-star hotel. This five-star hotel comprises 300 rooms and the hotel lies 22 metres high above the ground, means on railway tracks. The total height of the hotel is 77 metres high and it will be divided into three buildings. These three buildings will form three petals like structures on the top.

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Actually, senior officials planned to inaugurate the railway station in the time of Vibrant Gujarat Summit which was held in January 2019. But now the inauguration was moved on to September 2019. At the same time, the five-star hotel of the station will also be inaugurated.

Habibganj and Gandhinagar railway stations will be going to create history in Indian Railways with their airport like transit hubs set up. Definitely, with these two stations renovation works a new phase of Indian Railways can be seen in the coming days.

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