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The Ultimate 15 Places for Weekend Getaways from Major Indian Cities

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  • 17 May 2023
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If you are like most other people of the worker bee category, then you would agree that the best part about any week is the weekends! Those lazy afternoons of having nothing to do, the bliss of waking up without snoozing the alarm 3 times and having your sleep interrupted, the unrushed ease at which you can enjoy a long shower and those evenings well-spent binging your favourite shows or roaming the malls! Ah, what a pleasure life s during those two glorious days of the week, awaiting which we toil our busy, over-packed working weekdays, counting the hours and anticipating change.

If you are craving a break from the rut and want to take a quick ride to a nearby weekend getaway for fun, then keep your eyes peeled on this post. We have listed the best weekend destination that are just a few hours of fine, scenic sight accompanied drive away from the hustle and bustle of your city.

We will cover destinations close to major Indian cities like Delhi and Chandigarh, Mumbai and Pune, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Weekend destinations close to Delhi and Chandigarh

1. Dharamshala

Famous for the natural scenic, beauty, tranquillity, culture, it is the residence of the holy Dalai Lama. It is the perfect weekend destination for refreshing one’s soul. Being the first Tibetan township in India this place exhibits the harmonious blend of the two cultures and cuisines that coexist to offer an amazing experience. Dharamshala being one of the most popular hill stations will also allure you with mesmerizing panoramic views of vast mountains and green meadows.

Distance of Dharamshala from Delhi: 477 km

Distanceof Dharamshala from Chandigarh: 245 km

2. Rishikesh

A spiritual place now transformed into the adventure lovers paradise in India. It has been crowned as the adventure capital of the country and now attracts youngsters from all over the world to indulge in the thrilling sport of white water river rafting. The river current at Rishikesh offers optimum rapids for the sport along with other adventurous activities like bungee jumping, cliff diving and much more.

This destination is not just perfect for young souls craving thrill, but also for those looking to sit back and relax at a quaint café while enjoying beautiful views of the Ganges.

Distance of Rishikesh from Delhi: 233 km

Distance of Rishikeshfrom Chandigarh: 227 km

3. Jim Corbett National Park

This is the land where tigers prowl within breath-taking nature. It is also the best place for bird lovers to spot exotic winged beauties. So, remember to pack your binoculars and zoom lenses and you will be ready to be mesmerized. There are numerous budget hotels and resorts around the area that makes this destination an ideal weekend stay cation deal.

Distance of Jim Corbett from Delhi: 232 km

Distance of Jim Corbettfrom Chandigarh: 336 km

4. Agra

The city that houses the most romantic world wonder – the Taj Mahal forms a part of the golden triangle of the country. Soak in the rich history and heritage of Indian culture at Agra while the Taj Mahal takes you on a journey back in time standing tall transcending generations as the symbol of eternal love.

Distance of Agra from Delhi: 214 km

Distance of Agra from Chandigarh: 460 km


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Weekend destinations close to Mumbai and Pune

5. Kaas

This is the ideal destination for enjoying the romantic monsoons of Maharashtra. Often dubbed as the valley of flowers of Maharashtra, Kaas barren plateau is adorned with nature’s bounty of various species of beautiful flora. The sight to behold is unparallelly beautiful.

Distance of Kaas from Mumbai: 276 km

Distance of Kaas from Pune: 143 km


6. Tarkali

A beach and backwaters destination right at the heart of Maharashtra. This is the destination ideal for food lovers and enthusiasts of traditional Malvan cuisine. If you are seeking a digital detox coupled with breath-taking natural views and great menus, then this is the place to hitch a ride to. Laze around all day sipping fresh coconut water at the beaches, indulge in blood-pumping water activities, sample one of many mouth-watering delicacies and take leisurely strolls around the laid back picturesque town, you will never be bored at Tarkali.

Distance of Tarkali from Mumbai: 535 km

Distance of Tarkali from Pune: 392 km


7. Goa

This is the first place that comes to mind when speaking of weekend getaways from Mumbai or Pune, and rightfully so. It is situated at a couple of hours distance from the cities, is the best place for partying with bustling nightlife, exotic tropical mixed with Portuguese cuisine, culture, adventure and last but not the least beautiful beaches. This pick never fails to entertain you or lift you from a rut be it a vacation with family, a bachelors trip, trip with your girl pals or even honeymoon. If you are planning to visit Goa, embark on the crafted journey of Maharajas Express such as "The Southern Sojourn" and "The Southern Jewels".

Distance of Goa from Mumbai: 583 km

Distance of Goa from Pune: 441 km


8. Nasik

A new addition to the weekend getaway list around Mumbai and Pune, however an exciting one home to the most vineyards in India, this our very own Tuscany. You can take walks among the tranquil vineyards, go on wine tasting expeditions. To further improve your staying experience, try the accommodation offered by Sula itself, one of the foremost wine makers of the country. A good time to plan a trip would be around the Sula Fest.

Distance of Nasik from Mumbai: 166 km

Distance of Nasikfrom Pune: 211 km


Best weekend trips to pack for near Kolkata

9. Digha

If you love budget spots that offer great views of the Bay of Bengal, scenic walks on the beach, breezy afternoons, mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets and great authentic Bengali cuisine. Then this is the place to head during a weekend. While it may get crowded at times, but it is still easy to find a quiet spot amongst the friendly masses at the beach and sip a dose of cutting chai. Water sports is a new addition to this beach, and jet skiing can get your heart pumping.

Distance of Digha from Kolkata: 184 km


10. Sundarbans

The Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site situated close the capital city. It has rich biodiversity reserves and is home to the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger. Besides the famous jungle cat, you can hope to spot deer, leopards, birds of various species and crocodiles at the Delta region. There are several forest guest houses and nature lodges around place offering budget accommodation to keen nature lovers seeking weekend relaxation.

Distance of Sundarbans from Kolkata: 110 km


11. Kalimpong

The best long weekend destination for the mountain child in you. The town is flecked with buildings from the colonial era, includes the infamous Durpin Monastery, perched at a quaint hill top. The panoramic scenic views around the area will allure you. However, since the place is 15 hours to reach from Kolkata, a long weekend trip flanked with extra holidays is best recommended.

Distance of Kalimpong from Kolkata: 624 km


Weekend getaway destinations from Hyderabad

12. Badami

Famous for the iconic Badami caves, it is somewhat of an offbeat weekend getaway destination near the cyber city of Hyderabad. The unique look of rock-cut temples of the Badami caves narrate a story of the bygone era during the reign of Badami Chalukyas (540 to 757 AD), a glimpse in the past life.

Distance of Badami from Hyderabad: 431 km


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13. Hampi

One of the most popular tourist destinations in south India, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was previously the legendary kingdom of Vijayanagar. This was the centre of the kingdom serving as the kingdom. It is the perfect place to soak in the brilliance of local artisans coupled with surreal landscape and rich heritage.

Distance of Hampi from Hyderabad: 383 km

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14. Warangal

Offering a glimpse into the bygone colonial era, Warangal is a popular favorite weekend destination for families located close to Hyderabad. These days the city is also attracting youngsters who come to rejuvenate with fresh air, beautiful landscape and mesmerizing quaint sights.

Distance of Warangal from Hyderabad: 144 km

15. Horsley Hills

Want to breathe in amazing fresh air while watching a beautiful lake amidst the mountains? Then come to the Horsley Hills. Indulge in trekking, hiking, leisurely walks or visit the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary & Elephant Sanctuary, to calm your senses and escape the humdrum of busy city life. This is yet another great option for a quick weekend getaway.

Distance of Horsley Hills from Hyderabad: 533 km

These were the top 15 weekend destination near major Indian cities. So, where will you go next?

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