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9 Happening Places in India For A Perfect Nightlife!

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  • 08 May 2023
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If you are a party animal and after-party is a must for you, come explore these happening places in India. Not only endowed with rich cultural history and scenic splendour, the nation offers you the best of nightlife, provided you take the best of it!

If you are a party animal and after-party is a must for you, come explore these happening places in India. Not only endowed with rich cultural history and scenic splendour, the nation offers you the best of nightlife, provided you take the best of it!

Let's explore the happening places in India: 

Party & Nightlife

All you need is a reason to celebrate, be it the smallest of reason or anything big! Music with a variety of cock-tails and a dance floor to beat your hearts with the rhythm of the DJ is the perect definition for Party and nightlife! Now let me take you to some of the best nightclubs in the nation.

1. Goa: The official Party capital of India

Already famous in the world, Goa is visited by the nationals and the international just to party hard and even harder.Baga beach is the ultimate party hub with trance music and rave parties!

Free flowing drinks while you groove high to the music is all you need. Dance your heart out to the best of beats of the tracks the handsome DJ plays and breathe in the winds sweeping off the sandy beaches!

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2. Mumbai: Dance the night away

The city that never sleeps is Mumbai! People work hard here to fulfil their dreams in Mumbai – the city that turns dreams to reality. While they work hard, they need to destress! Hence, put on your dancing shoes and party!

Trilogy, AER and Matahari are some of the best clubs in Mumbai. The city of renowned celebs in the country, Mumbai, houses several nightclubs and pubs in the city. Dance to your favourite Bollywood tunes and burn the floor!

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3. Leh-Ladakh: A trip to freedom

Leh Ladakh offers you heavenly scenic marvel and amidst that if you are expecting a nightclub, it’s a perfect mismatch! You have few hotels near Pangong Tso or Thiksey Monastery, where you may have a drink and bite on some snacks from the local hands.

But, Leh Ladakh is that destination which soothes and refreshes you better than any pub with its snow clad peaks and blue ocean waters!

4. Kasol: Getting high on nature

The current favourite party hub besides Goa is Kasol. Can you party for days and weeks? Kasol offers you the best rhythms from international DJs amidst the woods and away from the main town.

While, you get high (from cannabis and Magical cream produced right here), the mountains and blue skies are sure to heal you back! Also don’t forget to try Rice beer while you are in Kasol.

5. Jaisalmer: The sands of time

In the lands of rich cultural heritage amidst forts and palaces, you may choose to explore Sam Desert Nights, Mirage Hotel or Jaisal Club Limited to have a drink and groove to the mix of traditional and international music!

Your nightlife will get a hike if your trip to Jaisalmer is via the Maharajas Express - India’s most luxurious train ever. It takes you to the desert land with a royal touch while providing you all modern day basics like spa, wifi, mini bar, fine dining and all time medical support.

You feel like a prince of history in Maharajas Express while you are surrounded by the most amazing artworks from the historical dates and when you step in to the club, it’s no less than a resurrection of the prince to a modern day young chap!

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6. Kochi

Unlike other cities which party till midnight, Kochi offers you a small 3-4 hours window only. The Government has said a strict no to all its bars and liquor licenses. If you want to get drunk, get it from somewhere outside or the luxurious hotels is your ultimate resort.

However, the narrow window is what people utilise to the fullest – international DJs, lots of music and grooving and drinking across the hotels in MG Road and Marine Drive. If you are found partying after the pre-set hours, the cops will arrest you! Be careful!

7. Pondicherry

Referred to as the sophisticated Goa, Pondicherry offers you clear beaches, tax-exempted liquor and French architecture around the city. A perfect nightlife with glittering streetlights and several beach shacks.

Just begin to party as soon as the sun drops down below the sea! White Town, Heritage Town and Le Club are some of the nightclubs that you must visit in Pondicherry.

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8. Bangalore: The forever-young city

Yet another party hub in the south of the nation is Bangalore, thronged by the youngsters, the fresh pass outs or the young enthusiasts love to groove to the beats and enjoy the pegs one after another.

Firangi Paani, Skyye and Olive Beach are some of the party stations here – whether you choose to dance to loud music or simply groove to the beats, Bangalore entertains you from sunset till past midnight.

9. Andaman: The marvels of nature

Andaman, known for being a perfect combination of nature, history and offering adventure sports, this place is equally well-known for the bars and pubs along the coastline. The beach side shacks offer a great variety of liquor from across the world.

Live band music, international liquor, live dance performers and delicious snacks are perfect to light up your nights! The vast sea with roaring waves and greenery around with the starry sky above add charm to your nights while you get high on pegs after pegs!

10. Hyderabad

Endowed with young crowd with spending capacity is what makes Hyderabad home to a many nightclubs! Block 22, 10 Downing Street are some of the party stops you must visit. Dance to the tracks of the DJ and sip in from the most amazing liquor collection here along with the fine snacks. Party or after party, Hyderabad is a party animal's favourite.

Whether old or young, everybody celebrates life by dancing, drinking and eating. Wherever you are in the nation, be it north or south, nightlife awaits you everywhere. Come, relax and de-stress after a long week of hectic work.


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