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Why Should You Choose Luxury Trains to Discover India

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  • 05 May 2023
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India is a land of diversity, and that in its own may be an understatement if said in the most generalized manner. India has the diversity of breath-taking beautiful terrains, climates, people and cultures and cuisines and the best way to traverse through the nerves of India is through a train ride.

And what better than to choose a luxury train? In all luxury trains there are a few common elements – impeccable hospitality, a close glimpse into the royal charms of the bygone era, grand red carpet welcome, butler service throughout the journey, delectable cuisine and the most comfortable stay experience.

So, here are our 10 reasons why India is best discovered through luxury trains:

1. Hospitality Meant for Royals

India is a country that inherently believes in the phrase “atithi devo bhava” i.e. guest is god. So, every Indian goes out of their way to help visitors especially those from the overseas. They often believe that no matter how rich or poor they may be, while guests may forget the food they were served, they never forget the warmth and hospitality.

The same is apparent in the hospitality and management of the luxury train rides. Every need of the guests is taken care of with utmost urgency, sensitivity and grace. The tour starts with a grand red carpet welcome, followed by complete comfort of great interiors packed with all state of the art amenities.

The trip is accompanied by butlers, lobby boys, tour guides and planned keeping the best experiences in mind with attention to all the needs of the guests.

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2. Amazing Decor

A great advantage of luxury trains is definitely the luxury aspect. It goes without saying that luxury trains in India are designed with inspirations from India's bygone days of royalty and resemble the interiors of a castle of mid 18th century. However, despite the old school ambiance, the trains are equipped with all modern amenities on-board the train.

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The various cultural ethos of the country is best expressed through the decor of the trains, of both the north and South India.

3. Modern Facilities

Blending the old with the new perfectly is a work of art and is best witnessed within the luxury trains of India. These royal trains take the guests on a journey of lavishness and royal magnificence while at the same time offering all the necessary luxuries of the modern age. The trains are an eclectic mix of neo-royalty of the modern 21st century.

They are well stocked with a special dining car, bar lounge space, library car, spa, gymnasium, souvenir shop, conference cars and much more. Business travelers can also take a relaxing journey aboard the Maharaja’s Express, Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey, and Palace on Wheels or Royal Rajasthan on wheels while not compromising on their work.

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4. Delectable Cuisine

The luxury trains of India serve the most authentic Indian cuisines cooked by top chefs on-board the sprawling and beautifully decorated dining rooms of the trains.

One can sample some of the best Indian delicacies while traveling on the luxury trains as they prepared from locally sourced, fresh materials and cooked with impeccable 5 Star quality, served by known brand names like the Taj Group as they serve on-board the Maharajas Express.

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Some tours also include royal lunches and dinners served inside the palaces and fortresses of former Indian kings as a part of the itinerary, which is definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. The Perfect Glimpse of Real India

This is one of the most fascinating aspects of traveling around India in trains. You get to enjoy the sprawling rural landscapes of greenery meeting with the azure sky at the horizon. These trains are fitted with the panoramic viewing windows offering the best vantage point of the unique landscape, as your luxury wagon choochoos over myriad of crisscross colours of authentically Indian.

Trains are the best transports which transforms the journey of reaching a destination, the most exciting part of the journey altogether.

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6. Guided Local Tours

There are different luxury trains in India that have meticulously planned itineraries in the most optimized way, so that a number of places can be seen within a very short period of time. However, they are accompanied by the best guides and shortest routes so that the experience is not compromised. Unique view into the microcosm of the rich tapestry of Indian heritage is what makes these local sightseeing tours the best.

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7. Making New Friends

Another great thing about these luxury train journeys is the fact that they are a melting pot of different cultures. People from different countries and walks of life take this joy ride of a lifetime and with the great open lounges and bars and in-house dining and socializing areas it is easy to meet interesting co-passengers and make good friends. Luxury trains are great spots for cultural exchanges and unique experience with global people.

8. Utmost Privacy

The private compartments in the luxury trains are the best it can get, which gives the guests complete privacy. The classic decor of the room is equipped with all modern facilities of comfort including a private bath and Wi-Fi among others. The room is designed to offer a feeling of homely comfort in the most luxurious manner.

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9. Safe and Hassle-Free Traveling

While air travels are fast but the vast array of formalities makes it a pain to travel. However, a luxury train travel is the best possible way to get the maximum comfort without any of the useless formalities and hassles. Moreover, many of these trains also offer on-board entertainment to make your journey happier.

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10. Complete Cultural Experience

Luxury trains are built upon the whole idea of heritage and culture and include the best of itineraries to give their guests a complete insider experience. You can get the best feel of the place if you take a close look into the daily lives of the people. Because after all that is what makes their culture. The architecture, food, lives, forms of entertainment and the diverse Indian terrain is all what makes these trips the best ones for a complete cultural experience.

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