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Indian Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges and Rules

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  • 24 May 2023
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Cancellation of railway tickets is not a big thing nowadays. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) operates an official website to book and cancel tickets. If we want to cancel the tickets, through this official website we can cancel them. After applying basic charges for cancellation, the refund will be credited to the passenger's account directly.

In a few minutes, we can cancel our tickets. But charges and rules are vary based on the status of ticket and booking type.

Here in detail, everything was mentioned how charges and rules applicable for cancellation of a ticket.

Procedure and Rules to Cancel a Ticket

Always cancellation of a ticket can’t be done at railway booking counters. We have to cancel them through an official website of IRCTC only. And also tickets can be canceled before the preparation of reservation chart. Once the reservation chart gets ready there will be no option to cancel the ticket. Passengers will have only time to cancel the ticket before preparation of chart or even at the time of preparation. Based on the time of cancellation, refunds will be decided.


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How to Cancel a Ticket

As we already know, the passenger has to visit the official website. Then he or she has to select the Booked Tickets section in the dashboard. After entering into it, the passenger can select their respective tickets to be deleted. At last, if ticket cancellation is confirmed then refund will be credited to the passenger's account.

Sometimes, tickets will be booked partially. It means, a group of people or a family booked tickets. For some members, tickets will be confirmed and remaining others will be in waiting list. In such cases, they want to cancel the tickets and get refund means, they have to cancel all the confirmed and wait listed tickets. Then they will get the refund.

Here it is noted clearly how will be the charges and refunds for ticket cancellation.

Charges for Canceling Confirmed Tickets

Based on the time period of canceling, charges and refunds will be calculated. If a confirmed ticket was canceled before 48 hours of departure time, flat cancellation charges will be deducted. For different class tickets, different charges will be levied.

Here below the deduction charges are mentioned.

For AC First Class/Executive Class - 240 Rs/-
For AC 2 Tier/First Class - 200 Rs/-
For AC 3 Tier/AC Chair Car/AC 3 Economy - 180 Rs/-
For Second Class - 60 Rs/- and Sleeper Class - 120 Rs/-

If ticket canceled before 12 hours of departure time, then 25% base fare subject to the minimum will be deducted. Before 4 hours of departure time or chart preparation, if the ticket was canceled 50% base fare subject to the minimum will be deducted. After chart preparation completed and train departure, no refund will be credited.

Note: All the above cancellation charges are mentioned per passenger.

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Cancellation of Tickets After Chart Preparation

Once chart ready means, ticket can't be canceled. In such cases, the only way to get the refund is through filing TDR. But this TDR filing also has some rules and regulations to refund the money. If all the rules are satisfied then the refund will direct to the bank account.

The rules to get the refund through TDR filing are:

  • Confirmed tickets must be canceled and apply for TDR filing before 4 hours of the departure time of the train.
  • Wait listed tickets or RAC also to be canceled or TDR must be filed before 30 minutes of departure time.
  • If tickets are booked for a family or group of people. Some members will get confirmation and others will be in RAC. In such cases, if they want to file TDR. All tickets of them should be canceled before 30 minutes of the departure time.

All these are the rules to be satisfied to file TDR to get the refund even after the preparation of the chart.

Cancellation Charges for RAC or Wait Listed Tickets

RAC or wait listed tickets can be canceled before up to 30 minutes of the departure time of the train. Clerkage charge of Rs/- 60 will be charged for the cancellation of RAC tickets. The remaining amount of the fare after deducting the charge will be credited into passenger’s account.

Cancellation Charges for Tatkal Tickets

For confirmed Tatkal tickets no refund will be issued. RAC or waitlisted Taktal tickets can cancel and charges will be levied according to the rules of Indian Railways and also partial cancellation of Tatkal tickets will be issued.

Cancellation of Tickets if Trains are Canceled

Due to strikes, floods, accidents, trains will be canceled. If it happens, cancellation of train services will announce in PRS. Then passengers can cancel the tickets within three days from the time of scheduled departure of the train. After canceling the tickets, passengers will get the complete refund.

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