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10 Important Reasons To Travel Solo Before You Turn 30!

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  • 08 May 2023
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Each time you finish a decade in your lifetime, it is a natural thing to look back and remember the happy & sad times, learning experiences, etc. Traveling is one of the best things to do – travel all alone to different places by 30. Love yourself as much as you can so then the love can spread to the others around yourself.

It also enables you to learn new things, explore new places, reinvent yourself, and the list does not stop here.


Here are 10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Travel Solo Before You Turn 30. Hope you enjoy reading this article and start planning your next travel trip!

1. It is a New Learning Experience

Things do not stop when you become an adult after getting a job, starting a career, looking to start a family, etc. There is no age limit and no boundary in specific for learning new things in life.

Traveling is just another adventurous way to learn. You can travel at any future age, but the experience of traveling before you turn 30 is a completely different experience and you really have to experience it now.

2. Helps You to Be Down to Earth

This is the correct age to travel alone – so you learn from experience how necessary it is to be down to earth. When you’re young you are full of zeal and enthusiasm when traveling with friends.

But, this travel in your mid or late twenties would mold you into a more humbled, mature and a responsible person.

3. You Become More Responsible

When it is a joint travel trip with family or holiday trip with friends, you do not have many responsibilities. However, when you travel solo, you have to take right decisions as you alone are responsible for the choices you make. You decide your own itinerary, where to visit, etc.

4. You Learn to Take More Chances

Once you are out alone, traveling, you learn to take part in activities that you can remember and share with others about those weird or funny things you did. Could be eating on insects in a South American country, table dancing on a Mediterranean island, sky-diving in hot Australia or even zip-lining in Wild Africa.

It is the right time in life to bold and explore your adventurous side while letting go of your fears, taking more chances!

5. You Appreciate Moments over Assets

Goods and possessions are things that are not life and are durable. However, such once -in- a -lifetime experiences would only come at a time when you have the passion for travel & are ready for new experiences.

Of course, you can travel any time later in your life but this age is the best time that prepares you for exploring new places completely solo. There is more thrill in these moments that create sweet memories forever.

6. It Helps You Fall in Love With Yourself

Loving and pampering yourself is necessary in life as it boosts your confidence & self- worth. Only when you can love yourself completely the love will spread to those who are around you. Hence, traveling solo before you turn 30 will help you introspect.

7. Traveling Makes you More Creative

You may wonder how traveling helps you to get creative! But it is true as you meet new people, diverse cultures, and see new places that you never saw before when you travel. All these new experiences together will help build creative thoughts as you take away the learning experience from solo traveling.

8. It Helps Learn to Face Sudden Storms

Traveling single also stimulates your problem resolution capability. When there is no one around to seek help you learn new ways of fixing things or issues all by yourself. Such incidents or situations will prepare you to face problems or such ‘storms’ in your life later in future.

9. Travel Defines Your Personality

Several studies show that life's most defining moments in people mostly happen by the time they reach early 30's. It is these experiences & situations that make you the person you are for the rest of your life.

Traveling solo before reaching 30 will touch this phase in your life to make you a happier, confident & positive person.

10. Take a Classic Train Ride

If you are travelling solo, you can take a classic rail ride and experience the various destinations where you want to go.

The Train ride is always the best way of travelling around the world. But, the biggest challenge is that which train you have to choose.

Have a look on the luxury trains and then choose accordingly

11. The Last Few Years of Your Young Life to Dedicate Completely to Yourself

This is the last and most important reason to travel all alone before you turn 30! You are at an age when responsibility of life does not fall completely on you. While you turn 30, people's expectations of you start growing.

You learn to get committed and start living for others needs instead of yourself. Life becomes more about placing others first before placing yourself first.

Twenties are those years in life that are full of energy, adventure and bliss. So, while you still have the streak of adolescence in you, get packing without wasting anymore time of your youth. Start packing your travel bags & check out these splendid locations to travel solo!

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