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How to Book Tickets in Royal Rajasthan on Wheels?

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  • 12 Apr 2023
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Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a luxury train that takes you on a regal luxury tour across many important tourist destinations in India. The train is filled with many superior amenities and the decor of the train can be matched with that of the palaces in India. Each cabin is specially equipped with various amenities and features like attached bathroom with shower, wash basin, hair dryer and others, upholstery, twin or double bed, TV, internet, telephone and a dedicated butler service. People choose this train to take a royal tour in India without any hassle or tension about other factors. Every element of the tour is managed by a tour manager who travels along with you throughout the tour.


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There is no question when it comes to the luxury of the train. How to book a ticket in Royal Rajasthan on Wheels? Each travel agency has different rules and the process tend to change from time to time. This confusion has caused booking more complex and many people are willing to spend a considerable amount as agent commission to book tickets on their behalf. There are a lot of people who keep missing tickets many times in a row. This is because of the fact that the tickets get booked months before the departure time. To avoid any problem, it is better to pre-book the ticket at least four months before the departure date. We allow you to browse through the portal for hassle free booking of your luxurious journey.

How to Book Tickets on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels?

You can either visit or the official site of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels for convenient booking. You can choose our online booking process sitting at the comfort of your home.

a) Visit our booking page of the site and fill the form provided there. There would a additional information or special request column in which you can request guides in other languages, special diet food or other services. Any facility you want other than the basic ones in the brochure should be mentioned here.

b) A list of available dates would be provided to you with the cost of ticket for each date. The cost per ticket tends to change from time to time with regards to the month you are travelling and presence of any festivals during that period. Once you book a ticket, the cost would remain the same. Copies of passport and other travel documents might be requested by the site.

c) The payment can be made in parts or as a whole. The whole payment has to be made at least 45 days prior to the departure date. 20% of the charge should be paid upon registration. Upon complete payment, a booking confirmation form would be sent to the customer.

d) Customer should produce the form whenever requested during their train travel.

e) Payment can be made through credit or debit cards too.

While booking, you need to consider any child above the age of 12 as an adult. Only three adults can be accommodated in one cabin (except presidential suite). A child less than three years would not be provided an additional bed.

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Cancellation policy

The booking process for all Royal Rajasthan on Wheels tour packages are the same. If any changes are introduced, the same would be communicated through the booking page of the site. 10% of the cost would be retained by the company if the tickets are cancelled before 65 days from departure date. 20% of the cost would be retained if the tickets are cancelled between 65- 35 days. In case of tour being cancelled by the company due to any reason, the details would be communicated immediately and the ticket cost would be reimbursed. The ticket would not be reimbursed if the passenger does not show up on time or does not take up any road trip or activity during the travel.

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There are several luxury trains in India. It is important to choose the train based on availability, route taken by the train and other factors. Travelling in a luxury train is a brand new experience for all. This train journey would make you experience how kings of India used to travel from one state to another in their royal carriage. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the best way to explore the land of Royal Rajasthan and attractions around the city.

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