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The World's 10 Top Luxury Beach Destinations for 2023

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  • 17 May 2023
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An awesome sunset pervading the sky and the water, the cool breeze hitting your face, the noise of the distant seagulls soothing your ears, the wet sand and your feet being washed every now and then by the waves as you walk along the sea shore!!! What an exhilarating, tranquil, pacifying and soothing experience.

No , it's not a dream sequence. Summer is coming and people usually save up everything for the summer holidays. And what could be a more apt destination than a beach ?
Yes, vacations on the beach are awesome but they have physiological and psychological benefits as well.

Pschycologists say that sitting by the ocean and watching the waves actually calmsour mind. We tend to become forgetful of our woes. The vast blue expanse of the sea instills a sense of belongingness in us.

Body gets relaxed when we finally step out into the fresh unpolluted sea air and breathe it. A few days of simple life with shorts, straw hat, music, delicious food and different water sports like snorkeling, surfing, jet-skiing can boost our psychic.

A number of beaches await us every year to entertain and soothe us, but naming all of them is impossible.

Here is the list of top 10 luxury beach destinations in the World.

World's Best Luxury Beach Destination

1. Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands is all about hopping and jumping waterfalls and white sand beaches lined with coconut palms. But the most striking feature of this island are its amicable and friendly locals. A Taxi ride from the Nadi International Airport and you can have a remote experience of the Fijian style bungalow – the bures, in the botanic sanctuary of vanilla scented orchids and lily ponds of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Pick up the traditional Fijian artifacts such as wooden kava bowls, hand painted sarees and visit the Sri Shiva Subramanyam Swami Temple and then taste the Indo-Fijian feast of fresh dudh curry and spiced rituals at the Curry House.

A special fire walking ceremony by the Sawau tribe can give you goosebumps. You can also enjoy the kava drink and a wild traditional dance. Marvel at the Savusavu Bay of pristine pearl cultivation and roam around in the Bouma National Park Heritage with rare orchids , prehistoric trees, ferns , natural water slides and watch the 60ft horse tail of white water of the Tavora waterfalls.


2. Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Maldives is a sovereign archipelagic nation with its Sunny side of life, magical and breathtaking panorama of sunlit landscape and cooling breeze and periodic rains. It is an island with a perfect combo of turquoise blue water for canoeing, paddling, kayaking etc. You can explore the lagoon in a transparent hulled canoe.

For a change you can always opt for beaches combing. Try out this invigorating exercise and find various types of dead corals, shells, foot prints of birds. You can also try and get acquainted with the locals and stay up in a family-run guest house and learn the various recipes of the Maldivian dishes and taste the delicious flavors rendered by the herbs growing on the island. Go for Dhoni cruising , fishing, shopping, dolphin watching etc to entertain yourselves.

For people with a spiritual bent of mind, Maldives has underwater spas with facilities of meditation and yoga.


3. Tel Aviv

Visit the Dead Sea, Salt lake located at the lowest point on the Earthly and take an approximately two hours bathe and lounge on the mineral beach. Swim in the mineral rich lake, admire the desert settings and have a mud bath in the richest source of minerals in the earth.

Tel aviv is famous for its farm to table eating habits. Every now and then you will find a new restaurant opening. The fresh ingredients mixed with the exotic herbs and the master chefs that render the food its delicious taste.


4. Ireland

The most scenic route of Ireland, the Ring of Kerry is the place where you can start your journey, Kenmark and Kellinary ending are the two places from where most people set out. The jaw dropping vistas of the Atlantic, the exotic islands to visit, the majestic mountains with wild trees growing, colorful villages are some of the attractions that the place can boast of.

This mesmerizing location of awe inspiring natural beauties has a wide range of activities to offer. They are waters ports on white beaches, cycling, walking, fresh water fishing, and deep sea angling.


5. Antarctica

Most of the cruises leave during the summer. Walk along the huge colonies of the penguins and if you are lucky enough you can see the chicks even. Swim in the warm water of the Deception Bay, the prime site of swimming. It is a Caldera of volcanoes , where the Chin Strap Penguins , the largest on the earth stay.

You can also go for Zodiac cruise with 8 to 10 people approx into the small passages of Antarctica and sea the icebergs closely and sometimes different types of seals and leopard seals too.

The national park in Terra Del Fuego in Ushuaia is claimed to be the southern most post office in the world set amidst icebergs and penguins. Visiting the Lemaire park and kayaking and camping are other things to do on the island.


6. India

Scattered over a coastline of 7500 kms of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, it is almost impossible to write about the beaches of the Indian Peninsular. The beaches vary in form and texture , color, landscape, water sports, people and culture. Starting from a spiritual background to fun n frolic, you will get it all.

Boating, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling and just laying on the beach, you can opt for anything. And the food is awesome and varied. To name a few must visit beaches in India are Goa, Kovalam, Puri , Kanyakumari, Mahabalipuram, Gorkana, Pondicherry, Andaman Nicobar etc. You better experience it for yourself.


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7. Cape Town , South Africa

There are three noteworthy beaches around Cape Town.

The Atlantic Sea board beaches is known as the Riviera of the city , is connected by the one of the most astounding drives along the victoria road. This is the place where the fashionables go to be seen and see.

Table Bay beaches is one of the most suited place for wind surfing and kite surfing because of the wind factor.

South Atlantic beaches can be chosen for walking, horse riding, surfing and enjoying the natural beauty.


8. Cambodia

With its white shining beaches, they are slowly gaining fame. The five main beaches South Western beach, Long Set beach, Lazy beach, Koh Thmei beach all add to the natural beauty of the place. The mango, cashew and coconut trees, the white sand, aquamarine blue water, the waning moon revealing the bio-luminescent plankton , the enthusiast fishers, pink sunset with a cocktail in hand, snorkeling are really beckoning.


9. Hawaii

The island has a variety of beaches ranging from black, white, gold , green to red sand beaches.

Molokai offers swimming and snorkeling in the blue waters of the Papohaku beach and enjoy pizza, burger joints, coffee , yummy doughnuts and fresh bread hot from the oven. On the beach of Kauai you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, fishing and more.


10. Charleston, South Carolina

Folly beach’s friendly atmosphere attracts many tourists. Enjoy in the casual eateries and the Beachfront bars and lounge on the beach. Options for water sports are also available here.


So, book your tickets and start packing.

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