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Experience Next-generation Travel with Indian Railways

A completely new generation IRTC website has come up and this allows the passengers to plan their travel in the most efficient way. It also helps in providing passengers with a user interface that is highly interactive.

With the help of this site, you will be able to track the train quite easily and also know about the actual arrival or the departure time. You also get to know about the number of seats available for a particular train.

IRCTC Digital Steps Make Ticket Booking, Travelling Easier

Know about the IRCTC Next Generation train

The website of IRCTC is quite modern and there is also a framework for e-ticketing that promises a new journey. This is something that is newly started and the user interface is also quite new. One of the most important features that the IRCTC Next Generation login does is to bring in a new security captcha that ensures that your account is safe and is fully authenticated.

Know about the IRCTC account holders

The accounts that are already there are automatically transferred to IRCTC Next Generation site. These people do not have to create new ids. When you sign up with the existing user id that you have, you get a message that says that you have successfully moved on to the new generation e-ticketing website. You get a lot of options and you need to select the one that suits your requirements.

Here are some details about the Next Generation IRCTC site


Within this particular bucket, you will be allowed to book the tickets. If foreign tourists have the option of booking their tickets under this particular option. You also get the option to cancel the tickets here.

Apart from this, you can also make a PNR enquiry and also check the schedule apart from tracking the train.


Under this particular option, you are able to check out the special tourist trains and book tickets. Here there are also a number of packages available and you can choose the one that suits you.


In this new IRCTC website, if you want you can also make flight bookings. You know about the detailed information about the flight.


Here you get to know about the various discounts that you can avail with your SBI credit card.


There is also an e-catering option, and you can put in the PNR details to get the food that is required. You get to order food in any of the stations that you want. There are a variety of foods available and you can choose the one that best suits you.


Here you get the information about how you can promote your company or products with the IRCTC.


Here you get to know about the various services available in the stations. You will get to know about the w-fi connections available.

E wallet

Here the passenger gets an option to deposit money in the IRCTC e-wallet. This money can be used later for carrying out transactions with IRCTC.

Know about the New Digital Features of IRCTC

The website of IRCTC has come up with some very new digital features. To know about these features in details, you can go through the discussion below:

1. CNF Probability

The CNF probability by IRCTC will help  the passengers an idea about the confirmation of the tickets and the probable chances of its confirmation. This helps the passengers get an idea about the chances of getting their tickets confirmed.

In order to check out the CNF probability you will have to enter the "from" and also the "to" stations, the date of the journey and other details in the IRCTC website. You will then have to click on the "find train" options and you can check out the train availability along with the train fare.

Check out the availability of the seat option by clicking on the "CNF Probability" option. This will show the percentage of chances of your tickets getting confirmed. In order to find out if your tickets are confirmed, you will have to log in to the website with the account details.

2. Tracking the train

You will have to click on the tracking option to find out the running status of the real-time of the trains. All that you will have to do is to enter the train number and get all the related information. Here you get to know all the details like the complaint enquiry, PNR enquiry, live-feeds etc.

3. EpayLater

This is a payment option for the passengers of the Indian Railways. With this, the passengers are able to make the e-ticket payment. This way the passengers are able to get a confirmed e-ticket beforehand.

You will first have to log in with the important details and then enter the OTP that you receive. Confirm the booking amount and the tickets get booked. The user will get 14 days starting from the date of booking to settle the payment.

The e-ticketing services were launched by the IRCTC in order to go paperless. This will streamline the online ticketing procedure. You can make the digital payments through debit cards, credit cards and also e-wallets. The new features that have been introduced will certainly be extremely helpful.

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