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10 Things to Know Before Taking Train Across Canada

If you love to slow travel then Canadian trains can show you some wonderful times. You can travel the entire country, from Halifax to Vancouver by train and it is going to be an amazing experience. Train travel in Canada offers you scenery, comfort, and convenience with unforgettable memories on the top.

But it can be a maze if you’re new to trans-Canadian trains, so before putting your efforts into that let's see what you can do to prepare yourself for trans Canadian trains.

Things to Know About Train Across Canada

1. Train in Canada

Canada has only one rail company that is Rail Canada, this company was owned by the Canadian government and there are two major trains running across the Canada - The Canadian, which is the Vancouver to Toronto train (or visa versa), and the Ocean, which is the Montreal to Halifax train.

You can book from their official website and a pro tip book on Tuesday they post offers on that day.

2. Accommodation on a Train in Canada

There are three classes offered through Rail Canada in those train:

  • Economy: Economy class only has seater facilities. They also don’t offer food included in the ticket price but the passenger can order through viewing cart.
  • Sleeper : This class is included with a double and single bed with a private bathroom. The sleeper class has access to the food car which is included in the ticket. There is also a semi-private option available on the train.
  • Prestige : Prestige Class is very luxurious with the foldable bed, soundproof cabin, TV, and unlimited alcohol. They also have access to the food car.

3. Stop of the Canadian Train

While taking a train across Canada, keep in mind that the train has no stoppage for at least 5 days. The Canadian train has a stoppage after 4 days, so make sure you pack all your essential items and clothes that will be enough. Also, make sure that your connecting train schedule is not clashing with your train.

4. Best Time to Travel on the Canadian Train

With beautiful views and scenic train rides in Canada can feel like walking into heaven and every season can be beautiful. But winter and fall is more suggested option. This time of the year is more affordable and has very comfortable weather. Trees will give out their leaves freeing the scenery of landscapes and exquisite beauty in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture all those wonderful moments.

5. Carry your Passport and Visa

If you’re not a Canadian citizen, you might be asked for your passport or/and visa to present. So make sure you carry them while boarding on board. Be aware of every document that can be demanded while traveling across Canada through the train.

6. Enjoy a Meal on the train in Canada

The best thing about traveling on the train is the food here. Here you can enjoy the local delicacies made by the learned chef. They serve multi-cuisine and creative dishes to the passengers.

With all those amenities and tasty treats, it's very hard to get off if that train eventually. People here enjoy every moment to the finest and wish to do it all over again as soon as possible.

7. Enjoy Activities on the Train in Canada

The train journey is more enjoyable when munching comes to the part as fun. With booked breakfast, lunch, and dinner the Canadian rail also provides you a great company that can bond with people and knows their stories. They also provide you the host that will tell you stories about the stunning flora, historical sites, and wildlife present in that particular habitat.

8. Explore your photography skills while traveling on the train in Canada

Canada is known for its mesmerizing beauty and the train conductor seems to respect everyone's wish, so the train slows down at places that can be photogenic as well as utter beauty to your eyes. This will allow you to witness the most amazing place on the earth like a rocky mountain, lake Louise, Banff, and Vancouver in Canada.

9. Be prepared before boarding on the train in Canada

Trains in Canada are mostly right on time but sometimes delays can happen due to uncontrollable situations, so be prepared to wait and pack some munchies to kill your time. The trains go through some tough path where you can lose connectivity so try to enjoy the journey with views and be prepared for that to happen.

10. Enjoy the Journey

Canadian trains make sure that you have a beautiful journey than the destination. And surroundings keep their promise. Enjoy the spectacular views through big wide-open windows of mountains, greenery, and peaks. In the fall enjoy the colored leaves falling from trees and embrace the beauty of it.

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