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Why Maharaja Express Is Different From Other Luxury Trains?

Although Maharajas' Express is one of the top luxury trains in the world and is attracting tourists from around the world with its myriad of amenities, high-tech facilities, Indian hospitality and the kaleidoscopic beauty of its well-crafted itinerary, it is true that it not the only luxury train of the country or the world.

India is riddled with natural and cultural beauty, highlighted by the heritage wealth of the land. There are numerous luxury train itineraries covered by exceptional luxury trains but, how is Maharajas' Express different from the others?

Diversity In Experience

When you look around the world in the eyes of luxury trains, it is always unique but, a singular factor. Although the luxury trains try to add the cream of pampering to every itinerary, the experience gained by that itinerary will be the same for the second or third time. This is why people returning to take a second luxury train trip with the same train is quite rare. However, this is not the same with Maharajas' Express.

This train tries to incorporate diversity in the itineraries. It is not just about the number of itineraries. There are numerous luxury trains around the world with more number of itineraries than Maharajas' Express. This is about diversity. Under each itinerary, the train follows a certain schedule on the list of destinations and time spent at each destination.

However, Maharajas' Express allows tourists to choose from a list of activities. For instance, if you are not in the mood for shopping, you can take up an alternative activity. Some of the destinations even have more than two options.

Thus, no matter how many times you take the same itinerary, your experience would be different.

Top Itineraries of Maharajas' Express are

The Slowest Chugging Luxury Train

When compared to other luxury trains, the Maharajas' Express is designed for a smoother ride. The train is also made to run at a slower pace to allow tourists to embrace each scenery as they see and also allows tourists to dine and enjoy inside the train.

Customized Wake-Up Call

Luxury trains around the world are bragging about allowing tourists to have breakfast-in-bed. However, Maharajas' Express is a little more ‘over and beyond’ when it comes to hospitality. The tourists of the train can customize their wakeup call. Do you want to wake up to a bulletproof coffee and a platter of cheese? You can customize your wake-up call as you desire.

Exclusive Cuisine

Every luxury train around the world will provide you a holistic cuisine with three-course or five-course meals. However, when it comes to diversity, Maharajas' Express tries to create delicacies, which are traditionally linked with each destination. For instance, if a spice or a meat-product is indigenous to a destination, fresh produce will be procured from the markets and exotic dishes will be prepared. This is the signature style of Maharajas' Express.

Bar Is For Non-Drinkers Too

Almost all the luxury trains in the world hold a bar, which contains a large collection of international and local brands of liquor. Most of these lounges recruit master mixologists who could create the drinks of your choice within seconds.

However, if you are a teetotaler, you can still enjoy the lounge with Maharajas' Express as they also provide smoothies, coffee concoctions, mocktails and so on. There is always a drink for every kind of travelers on the train.

Currency Exchange Facility

Numerous luxury trains offer non-cash transactions like a credit card, debit card and others for onboard purchases. However, Maharajas' Express provides a little more than this. The Guest Relations Manager can guide you to have the currency exchange process to buy Indian money according to the current exchange rate.

Water Pressure

Enjoying hot water, shower and other facilities in a moving train is quite a remarkable service and it is available in almost all the luxury trains. However, most of the travelers experience less water pressure while using showers. In Maharajas' Express, the water pressure of the showers is maintained at the desired level, making it ideal for you to enjoy a refreshing bath.

No Tinned Food

Do you know that every single item on your plate in the restaurant car is made from scratch? This includes items used for decorating desserts, spice mix and so on. The train specifically hires semi-celebrity chefs or chefs with years of experience in cruise ships or similar businesses. The team makes sure that every single item that ends up on your plate is made from scratch. This helps them to create customized dishes for allergies, food preferences among travelers.

Comparatively Better Wi-Fi

Most of the luxury trains do not offer Wi-Fi. And, those who do give you a disclaimer that the running train will have a bad reception. Even luxury cruises wi-fi strength is terrible. However, the Wi-Fi of Maharajas' Express is comparatively better. Each car has its own router and thus, your phone will automatically connect to the new router, every time you walk in or out of the car. This gives better reception.


Do you know that Maharajas' Express train is one of the most awarded and recognized trains in the world; in the luxury train category? This gives you an idea of the level of luxury, service, and uniqueness that you would experience during your vacation with Maharajas' Express.

An itinerary for Every Budget

Maharajas' Express is one of the most expensive trains in the world. However, diversity is an important element of the train and it extends this element to the budget too. The train offers week-long itineraries and three nights itineraries too. The shorter itineraries will have a smaller price tag. Combine it with basic accommodation, you can explore India with Maharajas' Express without burning your bank account.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the cream of luxury by choosing Presidential Suite and enjoying all the business-class amenities and facilities on the train.

Maharajas Express is one of the most luxurious options to cover eminent destinations in the country. If you wish to explore the best beauties of India in the most-royal way possible, it is best to stick with Maharajas' Express. The train does not run throughout the year and not all itineraries are available every week. Thus, check with the schedule of the train before planning your vacation.

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