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Luxury on Wheels With Seven Stars in Kyushu Japan

In other parts of Japan, trains may only be used as a means of transportation. However, Kyushu is the most developed place for sightseeing trains in Japan because it has a variety of luxurious Shinkansen and sightseeing trains. They have been to Mito since 1988. Gang Ruizhi designed various trains and even platforms, and his works frequently won awards. This time, he introduced the "Kyushu Seven Stars" and took rail travel to another level! The ultimate in enjoyment or experience, it really lives up to its name.

kyushu seven stars

Japan Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. invested three billion Yuan to build and launched the ultra-luxury sleeper train "Kyushu Seven Stars". The design advertises elegance and nobleness, blending Japanese and Western and old and new styles. It has been officially operated on October 15, 2013. Hard to find! Known as a luxury cruise ship on the land, Ferrari in the railway must take a ride once in a lifetime, and what is attractive is to introduce the following!

Origin of the "Kyushu Seven Stars"

The Kyushu area consists of seven prefectures including Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Saga, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima prefectures, and it is the name of the seven stars that travel around the seven counties of Kyushu.

In addition, JR Kyushu Railway Company also expects passengers to experience seven Kyushu-only sightseeing styles (natural scenery, food culture, characteristic hot springs, history, energy fields, customs and customs, train scenery) in the Seven Stars. For the sake of auspiciousness, use seven carriages and let the Seven Stars deserve its name.

Upscale Accommodation

kyushu seven stars coaches

The third to seventh compartments are all guest rooms, and there are fourteen suites in the whole car. The classic wooden decoration, combining Western and Japanese styles, creates a comfortable and refined quiet space. The third to sixth compartments are ordinary suites. There are three rooms in a car and a total of twelve suites. They provide the highest quality comfort and first-class hospitality. Of course, every room has shower, toilet and air conditioner.

The seventh compartment is a top class guest room with only two. The spacious and elegant space is furnished with furniture and furnishings. In the last room, you can enjoy the view from the window provided on one side.

Seven Star Features

The JR Railway System has launched sleeper trains at various fixed points throughout Japan. However, only the Kyushu Seven Star cannot be used for all Japan JR Pass, and it is not possible to purchase a single ticket. Seven Star is an advanced sleeper train for the passenger group at the top of the pyramid. The age of passengers is also limited to middle school and above, and passengers are required to dress decently in public event spaces. It can be seen that Seven Star has spent a lot of time in shaping the upper atmosphere.

Travelers can choose between 12 standard suits and 2 deluxe suits. A private bathroom with toilet facilities as well as a sleeping area, seating area are available in the suite. Another plus of Deluxe Suite A is the rear window across the entire width of the train. The private room also creates a unique angle for viewing the environment outside.

Internal Equipment Facilities

kyushu seven stars cabins

The seven-star, costing 3 billion Japanese yen, interprets the Japanese-style elegant aesthetics from the inside out, and each car is carefully designed to create the ultimate luxury space.

In the public event space, it is necessary to meet the dress code. It is easy and decent (Smart casual). You cannot wear jeans, cool clothes and slippers at will.

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Beautiful Five Senses Feast

The first car is a "lounge car", which is a social field on the train, called "Blue Moon" and one of the main stars of the Seven Stars. There is a bar and sofa in the cabin, which is perfect for relaxing.

In a classic Japanese atmosphere, listening to a pleasant piano music, tasting a good glass of wine, and looking at the starry sky outside the landscape window is definitely the most luxurious enjoyment of life.

The bar is open at night, it is a social place. You can enjoy the interaction with the passengers on board in the modern atmosphere of Japan. Live music from a comfortable piano reaches your ears. The starry sky can be seen in the panoramic window. When you want to relax alone, you can sit on the sofa and enjoy the beautiful scenery flowing.

Delicious Meals

kyushu seven stars meals

The second car is a dining car of the Seven Stars, called "Mars". Here you can taste delicious dishes made with seasonal ingredients of Kyushu. The best chefs in Kyushu provide special meals for this trip to make your journey even more extraordinary.

Get a chance to get off the bus and introduce the local authentic high-quality restaurant by the service staff. Experience unique taste buds in Kyushu.

Tickets and Price

The price of the Seven Stars is very high, ranging from 330,000 yen to 420,000 yen per person for two days and one night, and 680,000 yen to 900,000 yen per person for four days and three nights. Although the price is not high, a large number of snap-ups are flooded every year, which shows the charm of the Seven Stars.

Tour Itineraries Details

2-day Itinerary

A two-day journey on a luxury train from JR East travels to four provinces in northern Kyushu. It includes sightseeing trips to Mount Aso, Fukuoka, Oita, Japan's largest active volcano. You can experience a night tour of Nagasaki and sightseeing of Yufuin. Travelers can also see Arita porcelain and learn about the 400-year heritage of pottery. The two-day tour fare starts at JPY 300,000 (approximately US $ 2,550) per person.

4-day Itinerary

Long journeys tour the entire island of Kyushu and stop in five provinces. Tourists who want to take a relaxing trip to the hot springs, natural volcanoes and major cities of Kyushu will enjoy this trip. The promenade includes a sea voyage by ferry, sightseeing in Yufin, Mimitsu and Miyazaki, and accommodation of a hot spring in Kirishima. The fare for this tour of the Seven Stars of Kyushu starts at a price of 630,000 yen (about US $ 5,400) per person.

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Final Words

Carefully crafted trips to Seven Stars in Kyushu allow passengers to enjoy the best of the on-board experience, along with the scenery outside the train. Seven stars in Kyushu are not just a train, but are also outstanding performances for Japanese artistry; even the washbasin is a limited edition, enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Seven Stars Kyushu is a deluxe cruise train runs in Kyushu, Japan. The train will run from June to September in 2020. So you have to book the train for June to September.


The Seven Star Kyushu has everything needed. The train is decorated with classic décor and accommodated with 12 standard suites and 2 deluxe suites. The capacity of the whole train is 28 passengers at a time. The suites have a sleeping area, sitting area, and private bathroom facilities. The deluxe suites are at the end of the carriage and it has a rear window to let passengers enjoy the scenic beauty. The purpose of this train is to make the destination beautiful.


The level of facilities in Seven Stars Kyushu is equipped with a bar in Blue Moon Lounge Car, both day as well as at night time. The outside viewing is made authentic with live musical entertainment and a grand piano twist. There is a dining car named Jupiter dining car with the best chef preparing food and best Steward serving them. The cuisine will let you enjoy food from the countryside and seas of Kyushu. There is an observation facility in the end train in the observation car that lets the passengers allow to enjoy the beauty of Japan.


The trains run across the Island Kyushu and it has a lot of beauty to offer to the passengers, Kyushu is a glorious natural place with beautiful natural scenery, healing hot springs and on top of it, the weather of Japan will get you smitten. The trip in the seven stars Kyushu includes every station tour and a scenic trip around Oita, Fukuoka, Mount Aso and to the Largest Active volcano of Japan. The night time sightseeing to Nagasaki and Yufuin is included.


The Seven Stars In Kyushu Japan is a deluxe sleeping car excursion train in Island Kyushu, Japan. It is owned by Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu). It was started on 15 October 2013. This train has a passenger capacity of 28 people at a time and equipped with all kinds of luxury.


The train has two days and four days a circular tour of Kyushu. The journey starts and ends in Hakata. It is divided into 2-day Itinerary taking passengers from Hakata to Nagasaki to Aso to Yufuin and ending to Hakata again, in 4-day Itinerary Hakata to Yufuin to Miyazaki to Miyakonojo to Hayato to Kagoshima Chuo to Kagoshima to Aso to Bungo- Mari and Hakata is the end.


The fare in Seven Star Kyushu includes dinner, breakfast, and lunch. It also includes The JR Kyushu's sweet Train let you enjoy a journey on it and course of sweet. The alcohol is excluded from the fare.


The journey is in the loop. It starts from JR Hakata station, Fukuoka and ends at Hakata after 2 days or four days Itinerary.


The route of the Seven Star Kyushu has total two itineraries which are 4 days tour and 2 days tour, goes from Hakata to Yufuin to Miyazaki to Miyakonojo to Hayato to Kagoshima Chuo to Kagoshima to Aso to Bungo- Mari and Hakata is the end and Hakata to Nagasaki to Aso to Yufuin and ending to Hakata respectively.


In 4 days Itinerary the ticket prices start from ¥630000 per person and in 2 days Itinerary ¥3000000 per person. It also varies in standard and deluxe suite.


The booking can be done online and it is better for international passengers from their official webpage. You have to complete the form given by them, the booking period starts from October 1st to October 22nd, 2019 for 2020 from 10 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (JST).