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Complete Guide on Indian Railway Vs Japan Railway

Railway travel is the easiest and convenient means of transport in any country. Train transmission is done by different technology in different countries. Know about the variations (technical, speed, facility etc.) in Indian and Japan Railways.

Indian Railway Technology VS Japan Railway Technology

Technology is the science or knowledge that is used to solve practically human problems or invent useful means. Different technology is being used to make the railway simple and accessible.

Indian Railway Technology

Indian Railway

India is still far behind in railway technology. Railway technology is developing slowly in India. In India, Japan is going to start a bullet train with its technology which will be created with modern technology.

Most bullet trains run on steel tracks and steel wheels, with speeds exceeding 200 kmph. These trains are run with a secure signaling system with reduced standstill.

Japan Railway Technology

Japan is the technological frontrunner in the modern era. Maglev, or magnetic induction or aeration efficiency technology is currently being used by Japan. Through the use of magnetic levitation power, trains are controlled without touching the ground and speed is increased.

Like any other high speed train, much of this power is required to control friction in magnetic induction.

Indian Train Speed Vs Japan Train Speed

Indian Railways is still far behind Japan in train speed. Along with technology, Indian Railways are increasing in speed.

Indian Train Speed

There is no high speed train in India. According to the standards, 200 kilometers per hour speed is considered as high speed train. Presently Gatiman Express is the fastest train in India with a speed of 160 kmph, before that the fastest train in India was Bhopal Shatabdi at a speed of 150 km / h.

As soon as the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail project is completed by 15 August 2022 in India, Indian Railways will come forward as the leader in speed. Bullet trains are being designed for a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Japan Train Speed

Japan Train

Japan has started trial of its fastest bullet train. This train can run at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour (249 mph). Japan has given the name of this bullet train to ALFA-X i.e. Alpha-X. Trial of the Alpha-X train of the Shinkansen train started on Friday. It is being told that the operation of this train will start in 2030.

At present, the fastest bullet train is in China. The Shanghai Maglev Bullet Train travels with passengers at a speed of 268 mph daily.

Indian Railway Facility Vs Japan Railway Facility

India Railway Facility

Indian Railways is further modernizing and providing proper facilities to passengers. Along with the public facilities, it is also providing food items. Waiting rooms have been set up for passenger rest.

Railway certified stalls are available at every railway station, travelers can buy books, news magazines, recreational books along with cane pines. Air-conditioned bedrooms in modern trains make the traveler experience a more relaxed journey.

Japan Railway Facility

Japan Railways is built by private railway companies. Along with modern railways, railway tracks and platforms are also equipped with technology. It included developing communities integrated along railway lines, allowing them to achieve profitability by diversifying into real estate, retail and many other businesses.

Regional governments, and companies jointly funded by regional governments and private companies, also provide rail service.

Indian Railway Train Ticket Vs Japan Railway Train Ticket

Indian Railway Train Ticket

The Indian train ticket is almost online. Passengers can also book it instantly by the ticket window at every railway station. The Indian railway charge 0.55 rupees per Km for a general ticket. Passengers can book their future ticket online with the reservation charge. If you want to cancel the ticket then you are able for it.

Japan Railway Train Ticket

Japan railway ticket is 16 times costlier than India. The train travel fee depends on the distance traveled by the passenger. The limited express fee for Shinkansen ranges from about 800 yen for short distances to about 8,000 yen for long distances.

For Tokyu, they range from about 500 to 4,000 yen. Tickets for the journey can be obtained from the vending machine, in which you can also select the number of tickets.

Specialty of Indian Railway vs Japan Railway

Specialty Indian Railway Japan Railway
Fastest Train Vande Bharat Express (160 km/hour) Shinkansen (387 km/hour)
First Train Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane in 1853 Tokyo to Yokohama in 1872
Luxury Trains Maharajas' Express, Palace on Wheels Shiki-Shima, Twilight Express Aur Kyushu Seven
Passengers Traffic / Year 6.9 Billion 8.8 Billion
Track length 67,368 kilometers (40% railway track electrified) 27,182 kilometers (65% railway track electrified)
Busiest railway station Howrah Railway Station Shinjuku Station
Ticket cost 16 times cheaper than Japanese railways Costly

Some Facts of Indian Railway & Japan Railway

Here is some facts for Indian railway and some for the Japan Railways which is related Rail Network length, Train Speed, First Train of Country and High Speed train in Country.

Facts of Indian Railway

  • Indian Railways is the fourth longest network in the world. The total length of which is 67,368 km.
  • Indian Railways ranks second in the world with an annual 6.9 billion passenger.
  • The first train in India ran from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane in 1853.
  • The Vande Bharat Express is a high speed train in India that runs 160 km / h.
  • Maharajas' Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot are the Indian Luxury Trains.

Facts of Japan Railway

  • The total length of Japan’s railways is one eleventh the length of US railways (Approx 20,000).
  • The annual number of Japan’s railway passengers is ranked among the world’s largest with 8.8 Billion.
  • Japan rail began in 1872, the train ran from Tokyo to Yokohama.
  • Shinkansen (387 km / h) is the fastest running train in Japan.
  • Shiki-Shima, Twilight Express, and Kyushu Seven are the Luxury Trains in Japan.

Currently the Japan Railway fast forward to Indian railway in technical and facility. The Indian railway also improved in technology for speed and facility. The Indian railway is the largest transport network for passenger and language. Every year 6.9 billion people travel in Indian trains.