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Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express: Most Luxurious Train In Russia

Getting to travel in the Golden Eagle Luxury Train is surely a unique experience. This train moves in the midst of magnificent decor. This luxury train has panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the countryside. You also get to enjoy the most delicious cuisines here.

Know about some great advantages of travelling by the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

You Get to Enjoy the Journey of a Life Time

  • This is a part of the Trans Siberian Railways. It starts from Moscow and then runs over the Urals. It passes by the magnificent Russian steppes that are situated along the shores of Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world. This journey is one of the best and the most spectacular train journey.

Designed in the Most Unique Way

  • This train has been designed in the most unique way and special emphasis is being placed on comfort, relaxation and also enjoyment. This train has some of the best fine dining restaurant, beautiful and classy surroundings and also certain en-suite cabins. The service that is provided here is also of the highest quality. You also get a personal attendant who will be able to provide you with high-quality service throughout.

History of Golden Eagle Luxury Train

golden eagle train

During the initial stages, travelling by train to long distances was extremely uncomfortable. The first sleeping car was introduced in the year 1865 and two years after that the hotel cars were also discovered. Nagelmackers was the first person who came up with as many as 30 luxury trains. The first luxury train began its journey in the month of June 1883.

Some important fact about the Golden Eagle Luxury Train

  • This train is almost like an exceptionally good hotel on the wheels.
  • This is a very important train in both Central Asia and also Russia.
  • It moves in great splendor amidst the beautiful decoration. The windows are also quite panoramic and ensure that the passengers are able to get the best views.
  • The cuisine that is served here is also quite delicious.
  • This train passes through Mongolia, Russia, China, Uzbekistan and also Kazakhstan.
  • There are some of the trains that take as much as two weeks to complete the journey and cross a total of 8 time zones. This way, the passengers are able to get a lot of time where they can enjoy the journey. The train travels over 6000 miles.  The train will pass through seven time zones before reaching its destination. This means that the train travels one-third of the world.

Golden Eagle Itinerary

The itineraries of this particular train are exceptionally good and are designed in a way so as to make your experience a memorable one. You will be surely able to enjoy each and everything that matters to you.

You can enjoy the train journey in the best and the most relaxed manner. This train is able to surpass the expectations of even the most demanding passengers. They are also able to help them fulfill the wildest dreams.

Golden Eagle Route: You also get the feel of an adventure in the train

The train route also includes the magical exotic Silk Road from Central Asia to Beijing. It will also take you to the Nadaam festival of Mongolia. You get to see the beautiful views of the winters of Siberia. The journey is very well crafted is most excellent. It is in fact the best and the most fascinating journey you can ever experience. This tour certainly helps you to enjoy a unique experience that you will surely not forget.

The Golden Eagle Luxury train provides you with a chance to travel through the Trans-Siberian route that is located on the shore of Lake Baikal. You get to enjoy a safe and a clean journey. Moscow is the iconic capital of Russia.

On this train, you also get to hear lectures about the people, the countries as well as the cultures prevailing in the states that you are visiting. This makes your trip all the more enjoyable.

Golden Eagle Classic Trans-Siberian Route – Summer Season

1. Golden Eagle Moscow to Vladivostok

  • Journey Route : Moscow - Kazan - Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Lake Baikal - Ulan Ude - Ulaanbaatar - Vladivostok
  • Duration and train fare : 15 days 14 nights trip from UK £ 12,995 per person

2. Golden Eagle Vladivostok to Moscow

  • Journey Route: Vladivostok - Khabarovsk - Ulaanbaatar - Ulan Ude - Lake Baikal - Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Ekaterinburg - Kazan - Moscow
  • Duration and train fare : 15 days 14 nights trip from UK £ 12,995 per person

Golden Eagle Classic Trans-Siberian Route – Winter Season

1. Golden Eagle Winter Wonderland Eastbound

  • Journey Route: Moscow - Kazan - Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Lake Baikal - Ulan Ude - Ulaanbaatar - Vladivostok
  • Duration and train fare : 15 days 14 nights trip from UK £ 13,795 per person

2. Golden Eagle Winter Wonderland Vladivostok to Moscow

  • Journey Route: Vladivostok - Khabarovsk - Ulan Ude - Lake Baikal - Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Ekaterinburg - Kazan - Moscow
  • Duration and train fare :15 days 14 nights from UK £ 13,795 per person

Golden Eagle Train Facilities

The luxury train offers you some of the best activities and facilities. Each of the stops has guided excursions. This means that you get a local guide who helps you to take a tour around the place. You get two activity options each day. You get to decide these activities on the previous evening during the time of briefing. For the passengers staying in the imperial cabins, there are private guides as well.

There are extended periods and here you get to take some Russian lessons including Russian History. You also get to know in detail about the Trans-Siberian railways and can watch movies that are related to your journey. You can also attend daily yoga classes.

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Golden Eagle Accommodations

There are different types of categories present and in order to know in details about the different types of cabins, you can certainly go through the discussion below:

Imperial Suite

Imperial suite measures 120 square feet and these compartments are quite luxurious and also quite spacious. In these suites, there is a king-sized bed present and along with it, there is also a sitting area along with the dressing table present.

Apart from this, there is underfloor heating, a shower and individual air conditioning also present. These suites also offer you complimentary drinks from the premium bars, however, premium wars are not included in it.

You will also be able to get a laundry service and will also be able to upgrade the room to the next category. There is a dining cabin along with a butler present here to provide you with the best of services. The guests in the imperial suite also have a private car and they can also opt for an off train tour as well in this car.

Gold Car

The gold car compartment measures 77 square feet and per car there is a total of five compartments. These compartments also have DVD/CD player, underfloor heating, individual air-conditioning, an audio system and also recessed lighting. You will also get a wardrobe space in these cabins. There is a lower bed and also an upper bed available. The lower bed has the size of a double bed and the upper bed is a twin bed.

Both of these beds are quite comfortable. The biggest advantage of these beds is that it can be folded into a comfortable seating arrangement and the guests in these suites also have an arrangement for complimentary drinks that you get from the list of the standard bars.

Silver Class

The silver class has a total of six compartments and these include an audio system, a DVD or a CD player, recessed lighting as well as wardrobe and also individual air-conditioning. There is a small double bed on the lower berth and a twin-sized bed on the upper berth. The shower of the silver class occupies the same space as the toilet and also the sink. The size of the compartment is around 60 square feet.

Romanov Suites

This is a full train car that a passenger can hire. This is perfect for both small groups as well as families. This is perfect for people who need privacy. There is one imperial suite in the carriage. Apart from these, there is a lounge and a dining area as well as a kitchen here.

The guests here also get a private car for a tour to all the nearby destinations. The guests also get private dining along with a chef, complimentary laundry services and also some premium drinks.

golden eagle gold class golden eagle imperial suite golden eagle silver class

Food and Dining Onboard

A restaurant car is available on the train and breakfast is served here daily, including fresh fruits, cereals, cold plates and freshly squeezed orange juice. There is also a buffet along with some specials present here.

At lunch and dinner, you will be welcomed by train managers to enjoy the delightful cuisine of the countries. Whether it’s some of the gastronomic dishes of Russia, such as black sturgeon and red caviar of Pacific salmon and all meals are carefully prepared by the executive chef and team onboard, using the best ingredients. Vegetarian and other dietary options are also available.

golden eagle food golden eagle restaurants restaurants of golden eagle

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Drinks Onboard

There is also a bar carriage where you will be served complimentary drinks and you also get to listen to a pianist. The availability of the drinks depends on the class of the cabins you book.

Golden Eagle Train Provides you with a Luxurious Journey

The compartment of the Golden Eagle Train is quite luxurious and provides you with an ultimate rail travelling experience. The gold and the silver class provide you with excellent accommodation and also provide you with exceptionally good personal service. This way you are able to experience the journey of a lifetime. The lunch, as well as the dinner here, is quite carefully planned. It includes a very generous drink allowance and also helps in showcasing some of the best Russian International cuisines.

Conclusion :

The journey in the Golden Eagle Luxury train is surely something that you cannot afford to miss. You get the option to personalize your touring options and can also enjoy certain experiences that are specially made for you. The tour price includes everything and is the ultimate in terms of flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Golden Eagle is Russia's premium luxury train with elegant and classic five-star amenities and accommodations. It is owned by the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Limited.


The ticket price of The Golden Eagle costs for Silver Class: £12,895 - £20,295, for Gold Class: £15,895 - £20,295, and imperial Suite: £24,395 - £54,995.


The tariff of the Golden includes meals, drinks, tours manager, excursion facilities, personal headset, arrival, and departure transfer and many other five-star amenities.


The journey takes 6 -16 nights to travel across Russia.


The maximum capacity of the golden eagle train is 64 passengers.


The Golden Eagle covers destinations in Russia are Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Lake Baikal, Northern lights in St Petersburg, etc in Mongolia it goes to UlaanBaatar to discover Buddhist Monasteries there, in China guests can explore Xian, Magao Thousand Buddha cave, Turpan, in Kazakhstan it goes to Almaty, and the capital city of Uzbekistan Tashkent and many more.


The Itinerary starts from Moscow and ends in Vladivostok by covering three destinations Russia, Mongolia, and China.


The Itinerary starts from Moscow and ends in Vladivostok by covering three destinations Russia, Mongolia, and China.


The duration of the whole journey is 6 nights and 7 days to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok.


The Golden Eagle was launched in 2007 by UK based GW Travel. The company was set up in 1989 just before the end of Communism across the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


The Golden Eagle comprises of seven sleeping cars, a lounge car, and two dining cars.


The train is equipped with all five-star amenities, it has spacious bathrooms, spacious and lightning wardrobes, air conditioner, DVD, LCD, dining facilities, bar and lounges, laundry service and other accomodations to make this trip luxurious.


The Golden eagle serves multi-cuisine. Its meal is inspired by the country the train venture through. They offer vegetarian and dietary plans also.


There are two dining cars, serving multi-cuisine cuilanary and a lounge car helping guests to rewind and enjoy the journey.