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Golden Chariot is going to operate From 2020

After a short period of rough patch, the Golden Chariot luxury train of Karnataka is expected to get back on its track from next year. The state tourism department of Karnataka and IRCTC are joining up for this re-entry of Golden Chariot.

Agreement Pending

As of now, the two agencies are planning on a shared revenue model, which would profit both the department. Once the planning is complete, the agreement would be signed, according to the KSTDC officer. During a press conference, he mentioned that the collaboration with IRCTC was planned because the department (IRCTC) has good experience in running different styles of luxury trains.

Collaboration of IRCTC and KSTDC

According to KSTDC’s MD, Kumar Pushkar, The KSTDC called three different tenders for managing sales and marketing for the train, in the past. There were plans for Cox & Kings to collaborate with the department but, they backed out from the contract. Now, IRCTC has come forward for the deal. According to Mr.Pushkar, the revenue model is not yet finalized between IRCTC and KSTDC.

IRCTC will take care of marketing the train on various platforms to increase the sales of the ticket. This tie-up has been made because KSTDC requires increasing the ticket salesand promote the itineraries.

In the past, IRCTC and KSTDC came up together for a deal to share the heavy haulage charge at a 40:60 rate. In prior to this deal, the haulage charge was a flat 55 lakhs per year.

Future of Golden Chariot

If the agreement is made, there are expectations that the Golden Chariot would get back on tracks for the next tourism year (2020-2021). However, no additional details about the itineraries, price or other information are provided by either of the departments.