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How to travel from Rome to Venice by Train?

Millions of tourists throughout the world travel from Rome, an enchanting city with a romantic blend of culture and society, to Venice, which is famous for its historical significance and gorgeous canals. The distance between Rome to Venice is about 288 miles, which may be covered by either flight or train.

Though there are several ways to get from Rome to Venice, this article will provide you with the most-effective, fastest and easiest ways to travel from Rome to Venice.

How to Get from Rome to Venice by Train

rome to venice train

The Frecciargento train takes 3 hours and 45 minutes between the two beautiful cities Rome and Venice. The fastest trains on this route take 3 hours 24 minutes to reach Venice from Rome.

The final destination of most trains is Venice Santa Lucia from Rome Termini. Yet check the final destination before train ride because few trains reach Mestre station, which is not in Rome.

When you travel from Rome to Venice by Frecciargento trains, reserve your seat while buying your ticket. Though you can buy your ticket at the station, buying advanced tickets cost less.

Travel Options from Rome to Venice

There are two options for travelling from Rome to Venice by train:

  • By High-speed Train
  • By Regional Train

Time taken by high-speed trains to reach the destination is 3 hr 7 min while the time taken by regional trains is 8 hours. Your seat reservations for both high-speed trains and regional trains are compulsory. Both high-speed trains and regional trains depart from Rome termini and arrive at Venezia S. Lucia.

Travelling by High-speed Train

You can cover the fastest train route between Rome to Venice by riding directly Frecce train. Le Freece high-speed train is the fastest train to travel between Rome to Venice. It takes 3 hr. 7 minutes to cover the entire route.

Le Freece, modern and comfortable high-speed trains, connects Rome with Venice. Keep in mind; reservations for Le Freece trains are mandatory. It is better to reserve your seat in advance. ou can reserve your seat for 3 months in advance.

Facility Onboard

The high-speed trains are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with electrical outlets that you can charge from your seat. You will avail WiFi connection onboard except in tunnels and at stations. You will be treated cordially and be offered with a cafe and food that includes snacks, beverages, and sandwiches. There is a restroom at the end of each car and you will find plenty of racks on the train to store large luggage.

Travelling by Regional Train

Travelling by regional train from Rome to Venice takes more travel time and costs lesser than by high-speed train. If you wish to save money and plan for sightseeing Rome and cherish Florence and Bologna, you may opt for regional trains. The slow trains will take 8 hrs. to 10 hrs to travel between two romantic cities.

Rome to Venice - Rail Routes

The rail route between Rome and Italy is quite busy because many tourists are travelling from Rome to Venice and many Italians are going to Venice from Rome for their official purposes. Therefore an average of 19 trains is leaving Rome per day every 1hr 16 minutes.

Though most trains take 4hr 02 minutes from Rome to Venice, the fastest train route takes 3 hr 19 minutes. 6:50 a.m. is the departure time of the first train and the last train leaves Rome for Venice at 10:35 p.m.

Though most trains run from Rome Termini to arrive at Venezia s Lucia, few trains reach Venezia Mestre.

One rail route is from Rome Termini to Venice sweeping the stations like Pisa Centrale, Florence S.M.N. Another rail route reaches Florence from Rome touching lesser-known beauty Orvieto station.

Ticket Fare

You may get the cheapest tickets from Rome to Venice at $50 if you book advance tickets. If you book tickets at rush hour, your ticket price will naturally increase. To avoid travelling at rush hour, an advanced ticket option is the best. $96 is the average cost of tickets from Rome to Venice.

For example, the slow train leaving at 9:28 a.m from Rome Termini to reach Venice Santa Lucia at 4:20 p.m. costs $50. This train is covering the distance in 10hr 52min. But the train covering the distance in 6 hours 44 minutes costs $58.

NOTE: Ticket cancellation is not permitted after the departure of the train. If the ticket is cancelled before departure, you have to give a 20% penalty charge.

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How to Book Ticket?

You may book ticket in advance. There is online booking option for travellers. You may also book your ticket at station before departure through machine.

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Tips for taking the Rome to Venice Train

Before travelling from Rome to Venice, you need to know the following things:

  • The train journey is a breathtaking journey and the most adventurous one.
  • Buy advance tickets to avoid hassle and high prices of tickets.
  • Visit the official train website Trenitalia to see the prices of tickets and schedules of trains.
  • For a comfortable journey, choose high-speed trains but for the cheapest journey, choose regional slow trains.
  • Buy guide books so that you don't miss any exciting and interesting places.

Frequently Asked Questions


Daily about 40 trains are running between Rome to Venice. Trenitalia and Italo operate these trains.The departure time of the first train is 5:37 a.m.


The high-speed trains take 4hr to reach Venice. The fastest train takes only 3hr. 7 min. the slow train takes 10 hr. to reach the destination.


The costs of tickets vary with the time of buying tickets. If you buy tickets in advance, you will get cheap tickets even at the rate of $50. But if you buy tickets at a rush time, your tickets will cost much high even at the rate of $96.


Most trains depart from the Rome Termini train station.


Most trains arrive at Venice's Santa Maria station. A few trains arrive at Mestre train station, which is a little far from Venice.


Yes, there 21 direct Trenitalia or Italo trains are running daily.


The first train leaving Rome for Venice is at 06:50 AM.


The last train leaving Rome for Venice is at 22:35.


The distance from Rome to Venice is 330 miles, and Rome to Venice is 3 hours and 59 minutes duration journey.


Trains traveling from Rome to Venice are operated by both Trenitalia and Italo.


The train from Rome to Venice can be booked online from Trenitalia and Italo, or you can buy it from Trenitalia counter.