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Orchha - Blend of Nature & History

Orchha was originally the capital city of the Bundela region during the Rajput rule. This princely state is connected with Tikamgarh located with lush green landscapes and picturesque hills surrounding that gives insight into rich history. Many battles were fought in the central region of India called Madhya Pradesh where the Orchha Monuments are rooted in history and tradition. River Betwa is very significant as its waters majestically flow through various sightseeing spots listed here.

Major Attractions of Orchha:

  • Orchha Fort :

    This well fortified monument lies alone on an island surrounded by the Betwa River. Within the strong walls of this chiseled fort are three majestic palaces. The greenery surrounding this Orchha Palace which houses three others inside gives a perfect view of history blended with nature preserved well. These three forts are listed below.

  • Jehangir Mahal :

    Bharath Bhushan finally completed this gigantic citadel upon victory over Vir Deo Singh after Bundela control. This garrison was built with Timurid customs and Classic Mughal Architecture. The gates called Iwans are so enormous that war elephants can make their entry inside.

  • Raj Mahal :

    This is one of the oldest structures inside the Orchha Palace. This Palatial Hotel has a royal entrance with a garden that showcases Iranian artistry influence. The Persian garden pattern has classic Mughal Architecture. Get a spectacular view from the balconies of the multi storied structure.

  • Rai Parveen Mahal :

    Like all monuments inside the Orchha Fort has a very interesting romantic tale. King Indramani was so enchanted by the dancer and poetess Rai Parveen that he built this palace. Now a temple, Rama is worshipped as King instead of God in this place.

  • Jhansi Fort :

    This is an unshakable historical monument built over 400 years back and ranks one of the best fortified areas of India. Rani Jhansi Ka Quila stands on the rock of Bangra and is centrally located in the city. Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo built this massive fort that depicts Bundelkhand’s history perfectly through the sculptures in the fort museum.

  • Chhatris :

    There are fourteen total chhatris that show the architecture skills and craftsmanship. These picture perfect structures built to glorify the victorious rulers of mighty Bundelkhand Dynasty. The fourteen chhatris symbolize the past heritage and rich grandeur as they stand on the glittering shores the River Betwa.

  • Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary :

    A true delight for bird watchers as the peacock unfurls its magnificent and vibrant feathers. Home to nearly 200 species of birds you can also spot the exotic jungle bush quail, woodpecker, owls, kingfisher and geese. There are wild animals like leopard, tigers and others like sloth bear, blue bull and jackals. The River Betwa flowing through gives a tranquil feel of a true nature resort getaway.

Best Time to Visit Orchha

You can visit this lovely place with scenic views right from October through March. Summers in India are quite hot. As monsoons may get muddy and flowing it is best time to visit Orchha during winter months when the weather is pleasant.

How to Reach Orchha :

The closest airport is Gwalior Airport and closest Railway Station is Jhansi Railway Station that connect to various cities in India. From there take an auto-rickshaw (45 minutes) or taxi (30 minutes) costing around Rs. 300 to Rs. 600.

Luxury trains are also connected to the Orchha. Maharajas Express train covers the distance of Orchha by Indian Panorama journey.

Shopping in Orchha :

This is more of a recreation or a relaxation activity away from the bustling tourist zone. Although there aren’t several shopping sites in this less known place in Madhya Pradesh there are several things to shop. These include wrought iron articles, souvenirs that can be kept in showpieces, and mementos to be taken back that preserve the pleasant memories from your trip.