SATTE 2020 – Travel Trade Show in India

SATTE means South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange is a three days travel trade show event which takes place every year. It’s like an international festival for travel industries to meet at a stage to discuss and take new changes in the tourism industry. It’s like a platform for exhibitors, stack holders, and buyers to tie up with new travel industries and to make the travel industry stronger.

What includes in SATTE?

SATTE is a great platform for India to promote the tourism industry. It’s like a great event for many people to promote their services and products in the tourism industry before the dignitary guests from different countries. For exhibitors and stack holders of the tourism industry, SATTE is the best platform to make their business spread to different countries.

Benefits with SATTE are it creates the best impression before guests to communicate, direct sales opportunities, cost-effective marketing prospects, and the best platform for discussion to promote the tourism industry.

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When SATTE 2020 will be held

In the year 2020, the 27th edition of SATTE is going to take place at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR from 8th January to 10th January 2020. Actually, the venue was changed from Pragati Maidan to Expo Mart due to inconveniences reported by participants. That’s why the organizer of SATTE decided to held the SATTE at Expo Mart in 2020. This time area covered by the venue in the 25,000 sqmts business area is the convenient space for business collaboration. And also SATTE organizers arranging transportation facilities from the capital city to the venue for the best convenience of visitors or guests.

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The past Silver Jubilee edition in 2018 received a great response with 31000 trade visitors from different countries, 50 exhibitors from various countries and 80 cities in India. This year arrangements are reaching high so South Asia’s Travel Trade show will be going to get a huge response from all over the world in 2019 also.

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Awards listed in SATTE

Before SATTE celebrations at Expo Mart, UBM India organized the second edition of the SATTE awards. The awards were awarded to different travel industries based on their services and products which are playing a crucial role in the tourism industry. Winners of the awards were selected as per the excellence in different sectors of the travel industry. Totally 23 awards were presented in different segments like tour operators, online portal services for travel, hotels, destinations, etc.

Why should we visit?

SATTE travel trade show is a wonderful and great event which is taking the travel industry in India to an extreme. Simply, SATTE platform is a great place to collaborate with different businessmen in the travel industry from various countries. In the year 2020, SATTE is going to be a great platform for 1,000+ exhibitors to present their innovative and excellent products and services before famous people in the travel industry.

Participants in SATTE are coming from 50 different countries and 28 state tourism boards. This will make a huge impact to see different innovating ideas and creations in the travel industry at one stand. Through SATTE like platforms, you can choose your best business partners to tie up for the best future and profits for your travel industry. And also here you can solve many issues or can learn new techniques in the travel industry by the experienced persons speech deliveries in the event.

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Mostly, SATTE is the best platform for start-ups. Here you can make your start-up to reach to all corners of the world or nation and also you can take preventive measures from the senior business executives in SATTE for your start-ups. Finally, you can create a large network by attending SATTE programme to any extent in the country or world in the travel industry. In a word, SATTE is a perfect platform to discuss and promote your travel industry.

Why should we exhibit?

In the year 2020, nearly 1,000+ exhibitors are going to exhibit different products and services of the travel industry in SATTE. What makes exhibiting in SATTE? It’s an important thing to known what is the benefit if you exhibit in SATTE. By exhibiting your innovative products and ideas in SATTE you can have an opportunity to collaborate with 31,000+ industry buyers and trade visitors. It makes the person’s innovate thoughts spread globally.

Through exhibiting in SATTE you can have sponsorship for your products or services. That’s why it is said that SATTE is the best platform for start-ups. You can have many more opportunities to make popular your product globally by collaborating with different MNC’s. For exhibitors, there will be many opportunities in SATTE to grab and make their business success and top.

For the best knowledge, you can see many testimonials on the website of SATTE what are the benefits of attending or exhibiting in SATTE. Simply, SATTE is a great stage for business enthusiasts in the travel industry.

How to reach SATTE?

As we know SATTE 2020 is going to be held in Greater Noida near JP Golf Course. The nearest airport to reach SATTE is the Indira Gandhi International Airport and also metro services available to reach Greater Noida through Railway. It is very easy to reach through roadways by hiring a car from Central Delhi. So through the roadways or railway or airway, it is easy to reach Greater Noida.

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