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Witness the Beauty of Taj Mahal at Full Moon Night

Taj Mahal is one of the most elite and the top tourist attractions of the country. It is a world heritage site, one of the World Wonders and the reason for Agra to receive tourists amounting to twice its population, every year. Considered as a symbol of love, this monument has a charm that can drive your mind into mesmerism. Watching the monument at sunrise and sunset are the two most major aesthetic elements of the monument visit. How about enjoying it in the moonbeam at night, throughout the month?

India’s tourism and culture department minister Prahlad Singh Patel spoke with the media announcing that the monument will be open during the night hours, throughout the month. He also mentioned that there are plans to illuminate the regions around the Taj Mahal to accommodate night visits.

Current Full Moon Night Visit

taj mahal at fullmoon night

This is not something new. For several years Taj Mahal has been open for tourists at midnight. However, it is only open for five days for a lunar cycle. The monument is open for tourists at Full Moon Night, two nights before and after it. During these nights, only 400 tourists are allowed per night and in a batch of 50 people per time.

Timing – 8:30 to 1 pm (30 minutes for each batch)

Rate for Indians – INR 510 per head

Rate for Foreigners – INR 750 per head

Rate for a child between 3 - 12 years – INR 500 per head

Upcoming Full Moon Nights are

  • 11th December 2019
  • 10th December 2020
  • 08th February 2020
  • 09th March 2020

If the Full Moon night falls on Friday, the Taj Mahal will be closed for night view too. The full moon night and the four days around it during the month of Ramadan is also not open for night view.

Location Of Full Moon Visit

As of now, the tourists are not allowed to enter the monument during the night visit. The tourists are allowed to watch the monument from a distance to get the grand bluish tinted glow of the monument as it bathes in the moonbeam.

Ticket Purchase

The tickets for the night view are available one day before the day of view. The night view tickets are not available via the online portal. You need to visit the ASI block in Agra Circle to receive the tickets. The tourists are requested to reach the Eastern Gate, at least half an hour before their stipulated time for security and ticket checking. Every visitor including Indians should have any ID to enter the site during nighttime.

Cancellation Charges

You can cancel the ticket before 1 pm on the same day and get 75% of the cost, back.

Important Tourist Information For Night View

  • Video cameras should be submitted at the security counter before entering the premises. Only cameras are allowed.
  • Tickets will be sold out within a few hours and thus, make sure to be early to get your tickets.
  • If possible, choose the late batches around 12 am or later. During early batches, the moon might not be at its pinnacle and thus, the monument would not glow in the silvery-blue tint.
  • Other than the camera, no luggage, bags or other personal items are allowed inside the complex.
  • Make sure to have a flash in your camera to take a clear picture.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed. Thus, you need to bring a proper camera if you are looking for pictures.
  • The cloudy sky might block the moon and the monument would drench in shadows. Thus, choose clear nights.
  • Security will be very tight during this visit. Make sure you do not have anything that might alarm the security officials. This includes your pocket knife or a hidden mobile and so on.

Why Visit The Taj Mahal At Night?

  • There is a luxury in enjoying something that is limited and available only to a bunch of people. If you wish to enjoy that luxury, you would be one of the just 400 people allowed inside the Taj Mahal on that day.
  • The beauty of the Taj Mahal is beyond explanation in words. How about enjoying the white marble monument sparkling in silvery-blue color as the moon shines upon it?
  • If you visit around 9:30, you can watch the moon raise up the sky, creating a gradient of shade on the monument.
  • This is one of the most romantic activities to enjoy in Agra. You can find a lot of love couples waiting in line to enjoy the love monument in the shine of the moon.
  • This is one of the most romantic activities to enjoy in Agra. You can find a lot of love couples waiting in line to enjoy the love monument in the shine of the moon.

There are no details when infrastructure development would commence. The government officials have not released any information about the timing, cost of tickets and others. Today, the night visit trips do not allow tourists to enter the Taj Mahal but, only view it from a distance. There is no confirmation of whether the new plan would involve visiting inside the Taj Mahal during the night.

Every year, the monument receives more than 8 million visitors. There are numerous steps taken by the authorities to curb the crowd including imposing a time limit for each tourist, during the day visit, increasing the ticket cost and so on. This extension of opening hours could help to reduce the crowd in the monument, allowing visitors to enjoy the allure of the beauty without stamping on each other’s feet.