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Private Luxury Train Routes in America

Extra-ordinary rail journeys can only be experienced with America's Luxury Train Travel. It is only with America’s Luxury Train Travel that you get to ride the rails in your own private car at the comfort of your own space, as the country passes by.

Explore the different routes of United States and stops from Albans to Washington DC, Los Angeles to Portland, Chicago to San Fransisco, Chicago to Los Angeles and Chicago to Portland/Seattle, with America's luxury trains.

Best Private Luxury Train Trip in United States

1. The Vermonter, St. Albans to Washington D.C.

The Vermonter is a classic train that operates from St. Albans to Washington DC, approximately 455.92 miles, or 733.55 kilometers. There's only one trip per day from Albans City to Washington DC using this train.

Travel Time

The estimated time for this trip is 12 hours and 56 minutes. However, if you are in a rush, Amtrak Vermonter has an express schedule that takes approximately 12 hours and 47 minutes.

Route of the Vermonter

The route for this trip is as follows St. Albans - Essex Junction - Springfield - New York - Washington DC. The train makes intermediate stops at Philadelphia, Hartford, White River junction, Holyoke, Northampton ad Greenfield.

Interesting Facts about Vermonter

  • Amtrak Vermonter train serves a total of 575 routes, covering 240 trips and 29 cities.
  • Train trips with Vermonter ranges between $5.50 to $198.00 depending on your destination.
  • The train departs from 40 Federal St station in St Albans, and arrives in Union Station, Washington DC.

Facility Onboard

The train is well equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, including power outlets per row of seats. Onboard are basic bathrooms with essentials such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. To cater to you when you are hungry, carriers are around to serve snacks. Vermonter offers extra legroom to its customers, for a smooth ride all the way.

Fares of the Vermonter

One Way Ticket Fare : St. Albans City-Washington D.C
Lowest Price $77.00
Average Price $118.86
Weekend Price $160.50

2. The Coast Starlight, from Los Angeles to Portland

The Coast Starlight is the most spectacular train linking cities of the West Coast. Los Angeles to Portland is approximately 1330.40 kilometers (826.88 miles).

Travel Time

The estimated time from Los Angeles to Portland is 29 hours and 8 minutes. In case you are in a rush, the fastest you can get there is in 24 hours and 37 minutes.

Route of the Coast Starlight

The route for this trip is as follows; Los Angeles - Santa Barbara - San Fransisco - Portland. Among other stops, you will also see the Pacific Coast Highway and the beautiful stretch of the American Coastline.

Interesting Facts About The Coast Starlight

  • Amtrak Coast Starlight offers 11 trips per day, with 2 direct trains from Los Angeles to Portland.
  • There are typically 13 schedules to choose from for your trip to Portland.
  • Trains from Los Angeles to Portland are busiest on Tuesdays, consider traveling on Saturdays instead.

Facility Onboard

The train is equipped with Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and plenty of legroom. Business-class members enjoy seating in private train cars, with good food and beverage, offers as well as enjoying the comfort in the Metropolitan Lounge.

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Fare of the Coast Starlight

One Way Ticket Fare : Los Angeles-Portland
Lowest Price $97.00
Average Price $125.30
Weekend price $123.29

3. Amtrak's California Zephyr, Chicago to San Fransisco

The distance covered from Chicago to San Fransisco is 1,859 miles (2,991.8 kilometers). Being among the most preferred trains in North America, AmtrAk’s California Zephyr takes you through the Rockies heart to snow-capped Sierra Nevadas.

Travel Time

Time taken from Chicago to San Fransisco using this train is 51 hours and 20 minutes. Being a scenic trip, the trip can take longer if you decide to adventure and visit beautiful cities along the way.

Route of Amtrak's California Zephyr

The route for this trip is as follows: Chicago - Denver - Reno – Sacramento – Emeryville (San Francisco). Along the way, you pass across continental divides to the cliffs of Glenwood Canyon among other beautiful stops.

Interesting Facts About Amtrak’s California Zephyr

  • Wednesdays are the busiest days to board the train from Chicago to San Fransisco. Consider traveling on Tuesdays to avoid the rush.
  • California's Zephyr has a speed of 79-82mph all through the journey.
  • The train runs averagely 147 trips daily and 2,060 monthly.

Facility Onboard

California's Zephyr offers a dining car, lounge and a sleeping car where travelers can flex and unwind after a long day of adventure. Free Wi-Fi is there for you to take snapshots of sites and make memories.

Fare of Amtrak's California Zephyr

One Way Ticket Fare : Chicago - San Fransisco
Lowest Price $142.00
Average price $237.97
Weekend Price $252.04

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4. Amtrak's Southwest Chief, Chicago to Los Angeles

The best train to use from Chicago to Los Angeles is Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train. Immerse yourself in the iconic geographical scenery, as you watch the sun rise from Grand Crayon and set on the red cliffs of Sedona.

Travel Time

One way from Chicago to Los Angeles, using the Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train takes 40+ hours.

Route of Amtrak's Southwest Chief

The route taken for this trip is as follows: Chicago - Kansas City - Albuquerque - Flagstaff - Los Angeles. While En-route, cross the Mississippi through eight states as you adventure and stop through beautiful sites.

Interesting Facts Abou Amtrak's Southwest Chief

  • The journey from Chicago to Los Angeles using Amtrak's Southwest Chief train is a distance of 29 miles, or 2804.85 kilometers.
  • This train is an all-weather train, able to tolerate ice storms as far as 30,000 ft.
  • There is a conductor for every trip, assigned to act as your tour guide.

Facility Onboard

The train has an observation car, private rooms and high-speed Wi-Fi to capture all the memories from the trip. For dining, there's a community seating where people gather and have all delicious cuisines. The train also has a sleeping car lounge and another lounge off Great Hall at the Union Station.

Fare of Amtrak's Southwest Chief

One Way Ticket Fare : Chicago - Los Angeles
Lowest price $146.00
Average Price $194.06
Weekend Price $225.12

5. Amtrak's Empire Builder, Chicago to Portland/Seattle

Amtrak Empire builder's daily operation is between Chicago to Seattle/Portland. Travelers get to go on an amazing adventure in the wilderness, view Minneapolis night skyline, Mississippi among other beautiful sites.

Travel Time

One way from Chicago to Portland/Seattle, using the Amtrak's Empire Builder train takes 46 hours.

Route of Amtrak's Empire Builder

The route taken for this trip is as follows: Chicago - St. Paul/Minneapolis - Spokane - Portland/Seattle. En-route, cross North Dakota plains, Missouri, through Montana to the popular Glacier National Park. At Spokane, head to Seattle or divert to Columbia River Gorge as you head to Portland for more spectacular views.

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Interesting Facts About Amtrak's Empire Builder

  • The distance covered between Chicago and Seattle using Amtrak's Empire Builder is 90 miles, or 2789.73 kilometers.
  • Wednesday is the busiest day when using Amtrak's Empire Builder train from Chicago to Seattle/Portland. It is advisable to travel on Sunday instead.
  • There are 5 train schedules en-route to Seattle, offering 3 trips per day from Chicago to Seattle.

Facility Onboard

The train has a sleeping car that can accommodate 14 roomettes, with 10 upstairs and four downstairs. There are also bedrooms labeled A-E upstairs. There is also a family bedroom located downstairs and one for the disabled/special needs persons.

Close to each headrest is a call button, in case you need assistance from train attendants. Seats in the roomette could be converted into beds that came complete with bedsheets, a blanket and pillow.

Sleeping cars had four unisex toilets for its passengers. There’s also a shower suite, soap, shampoo provided and charging places for electronic devices.

Fare of Amtrak's Empire Builder

One Way Ticket Fare : Chicago - Portland/Seattle
Lowest price $150.00
Average Price $200.95
Weekend Price $214.20

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