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New Express Train Services By Indian Railways

Indian Railways has been in service for years. Today there are 1.4 million employees are employed here. This shows how vast the network is. With time Indian Railways have introduced many trains to make journey easier and comfortable as possible.

Here are curated list of some express trains launched by Indian Railways to make life easier:

New Services of Express Trains by Indian Railways

1. Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express is also known as train 18. Train 18 is an Indian semi-high speed intercity electric multiple units. It has aerodynamics appearance. The train took its first trail run in Chennai where it was designed by Integral Coach Factory (ICF). It was the Indian government's Make in India initiative.

First service: 23 February 2019

Design and development: The train has a driver seat at both ends to make turn around faster and easier. This train works on regenerative breaks. The train has 16 passenger cars, with a seating capacity of 1,128 passengers.

Facilities of the train: Besides being one of the fastest trains, this train has other facilities offer like Automatic doors, Smoke alarms, CCTV Cameras, Odour control systems, Sensor-based water taps, etc. The train also has On-board catering facilities.

Fare starting : The train fare starts for the chair car is Rs 1,630, while the fare for the executive chair car is priced at Rs 3,015.

Duration: Five days a week

2. Allahabad - New Delhi Humsafar Express

Humsafar Express ran by Indian Railways is AC-3 Tier and 3-Tier Sleeper Class train. This series was launched in December 2016 but Railways voted to add Sleeper class to give better service to middle-class passengers. There are 34 more Humsafar Express started running in 2019.

First service: 13 September 2019

Design and development: The train is designed with more comfortable sleeping racks, and equipped with LED displays with voice announcements at every coach ends. The exterior of coaches is designed with a futuristic look decorated with Vinyl sheets.

Facilities of the train: The train is facilitated with Kadhi bedrolls, CCTV cameras, Baby changing tables, Odour control systems, Passenger information systems, etc to make passengers journey hassle-free.

fare starting: The train fare starts from Rs 855.

Duration: Four times a week

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3. Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express

Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express is a semi-high speed, fully air-conditioned train. The Indian railways introduced it to connect Ahmedabad - Mumbai with halting at six stations Nadiad, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi, and Borivali.

First service: 17 January 2020

Design and development: The train is operated with automatic doors. Tejas Express has an LED screen display in each coach to show information about stations, train speed, etc and inbuilt announcement system. The whole train has CCTV cameras and water level indicators installed for the safety of passengers.

Facilities of the train: The Tejas Express is facilitated with Vending machines for tea, coffee, and milk, Bio toilets in compartments, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, etc to make the journey smooth and enjoyable.

Fare starting: Fare of Tejas express starting from Rs 1,280 for AC chair car passengers and Rs 2,450 for executive chair car.

Duration: Six days a week

4. Kashi-Mahakal Express

This superfast fully air-conditioned passenger train will connect three Jyotirlinga - Omkareshwar (near Indore), Mahakaleshwar (Ujjain) and Kashi Vishwanath (Varanasi). The IRCTC launched this train with tour packaging to religious places with AC hotels at night and will also be provided with breakfast and dinner.

First service: 20 February 2020

Design and development: The Kashi Mahakal Express is 3-tier fully air-conditioned and superfast train. The train is installed with fire and smoke detection system, entertainment system, and CCTV cameras are fitted all around the corner. The train also has modular toilets designed.

Facilities of the train: The train provides the facility of vegetarian food to passengers, On-board bedrolls, housekeeping services, Tea/coffee vending machines, etc for passenger's convenience. The IRCTC also facilitates passengers with free 10 lakhs insurance.

fare starting: The starting fare price of the train is from 679/- and goes up to 1951/- INR.

Duration: Three days a week

5. Darbhanga–Varanasi City Antyodaya Express

Darbhanga–Varanasi City Antyodaya Express is a complete general coach train owned by the East Central Railway zone. It connects Darbhanga Junction and Varanasi City.

First service: 6 March 2019

Design and development: Antyodaya Express is completely General coaches operated by Indian Railways. The train is designed with bio-toilets facilities.

Facilities of the train: The train is installed with smoke alarms, and CCTV cameras, Aquaguard water vending machines, coat hangers, and Braille Indicators are available.

Fare starting: The fare starts from 105 and goes up to 210 INR.

Duration: Weekly

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6. Visakhapatnam–Vijayawada–Visakhapatnam Uday Express

It is a Double-decker AC chair Car train of the Indian Railways. The train's services fall under luxurious train for business travelers with a seating capacity of eating capacity of 120 per coach. The train connects connecting Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

First service: 26 September 2019

Design and development: Outside of the train is designed with yellow, orange and pink colors and coaches are designed in an anti-graffiti manner, somewhat similar to Tejas Express. This train is designed with bio-toilets and equipped with CCTV cameras.

Facilities of the train: The train has a baggage facility and an LED screen display to show information about stations, train speed, etc. and will have an announcement system as well, Vending machines for tea, coffee, and milk, etc to make the journey more comfortable.

Fare starting: The fare starts for AC chair car is Rs 525.

Duration: Five Days except for Sunday and Thursday a week.

7. Majestic Rajasthan Tourist Train

This is a Deluxe AC Train is operated on two different Rajasthan circuits by IRCTC under majestic tourist trains. The purpose of this train is to travel overnight to some limited destinations and cover every tourist spot in the daytime.

First service: October 2019

Design and development: To promote tourism this fine train was designed by keeping all basic luxuries in mind. The train has – Safety Lockers for all guests, separate sitting area in 2 nd AC compartments, 2 restaurants, 1 kitchen in the train

Facilities of the train: Every coach is facilitated by two toilets on vacuum-based technology, the library is also there, there are massaging facilities for guests. The restaurant serves international meals.

Fare starting: The fare is starting from 15,156 INR.

Duration: October to April

8. Buddhist Circuit Special Train

IRCTC has started a special tourist semi-luxury train to cover all the Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal. The Buddhist Circuit tourist train will cover various destinations Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Varanasi, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Lumbini (Nepal), Shravasti and Agra.

First service: October 2019 (start running)

Design and development: The train is designed on basis of the Maharaja Express. Buddhist Circuit Special Train is equipped with bio-vacuum toilets and adjustable reading lights. It has four first-class AC coaches, two second-class AC coaches, two dining cars.

Facilities of the train: The facilities provided onboard are fully airconditioning coaches, meals, sightseeing and tour guides with Hindi and English fluency.

Fare starting: The fare price is starting from Rs. 1,23,900.

Duration: September to March