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Indian Railways Launches the first-ever High Capacity LHB Parcel Van, can run at speed of 130 kmph

RCF built the First Ever High Capacity LHB Parcel Van, capable of running at a speed of 130 kmph and 24 Ton Total Carrying Capacity.

indian railway lhb-parcel van

Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala has launched its first high capacity parcel van Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) to run at 130 kmph & 24 Ton total carrying capacity. The parcel van was launched in 30.01.2020 at Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway station by Member Rolling Stock, Railway Board, Sh. Rajesh Agarwal and Member Traffic, Railway Board, Sh. Purnendu.S.Mishra.

This is the first High Capacity Parcel Van on the LHB platform and speed certificate is issued by RDSO for 130 Kmph according to a statement by the Ministry of Railways after completing its oscillation trails.

Coach Facilities

lhb parcel van

The coaches of new parcel van are made with stainless steel shells on the LHB platform for long-lasting life. In the coaches, there is 32 luggage rucksack which has two tires for the transportation of wide goods. This of parcel van coach is entirely fitted with 140 KN air suspension stainless steel panels. This parcel van coach has three collapsible partitions and four sliding doors.

It is equipped with fireballs to deal with internal fire situations and axle-mounted disc brakes and anti-climbing CBC coupler with transition screw coupling. This coach can be attached to any rack due to Head on generation (HOG) compliant and both end connectivity. The LHB parcel vans have been accommodated with flushed-in type fire retardant LED lights for better viewing in the interior.

Silent features

  • This revolutionary new parcel van by Indian Railways has some jaw-dropping features to make it fast and efficient
  • Axle mounted disc brakes (2.48 caliper ratio) with a wheel slide protection system for fast and powerful braking.
  • RFID tags implemented on the parcel car body.
  • Axle end cover fitted with earthing system.
  • Anti climbing CBC coupler with transition screw coupling & side shield for safe and stable coupling with high-speed trains.
  • Fleet graphic film on coach surface in red and silver-grey as per LHB color scheme.
  • 32 numbers of two tired luggage for better transportation of wide goods.
  • flushed-in type of fire retardant LED lights.

New product launch:

Speaking on the occasion, Sh Ravinder Gupta, GM said that this is the first coach which has been invented, created, built and launched within a year. RCF is in process to manufacture about 100 such Parcel Vans during the current monetary. This is going to make parceling more easy and efficient for everyone.

RCF is planning to launch E-commerce parcel Van with a volume capacity of 210 m3 and a speed potential of 160 kmph.

  • The coaches in this will be equipped with GPS trackers, HOG, both end loco power connectivity.
  • The coaches will be accommodated with six interior sunken led lights for better illumination of interiors.
  • It will also have 32 number foldable 2 tier luggage racks for efficient staking of small parcels.
  • It will also have 32 number foldable 2 tier luggage racks for dynamic staking of small parcels.
  • The coach will have a total weight of 33.5 tonnes and luggage carrying capacity of 24 tonnes.