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Mysore - Opulent Mysore Palace

This city talks of an extravagant history of British Raj, Tipu Sultan Reign and the Wadiyars. Its past speaks of pompous grandeur with all roads leading up to the magnificent Mysore Palace. The marvel hosts corridors studded with jewellery, Royal Throne studded with Gems, stained glass windows and so on. Around this beautiful structure are several open bird sanctuaries, places of worship and a several tourist sites.

Major Attractions of Mysore:

  • Mysore Palace :

    The architecture is a combination of Indian and Saracenic patterns. It is a Rajput style with narrow corridors, carvings of birds and figurines of animals in Hoysalla style, durbar halls, foliage, etc. The splendorous sights within the extravagance of the rich palace will certainly mesmerize you for the rest of your trip.

  • Mysore Zoo :

    Situated beside the magnificent Chamundi Hills this tourist hub is not only one of the largest zoos but also the one of the oldest in the country. Rare flora and fauna is found at this place re-named several times after its origin. Some names are Palace Zoological gardens, Sri Chamarajendra Zoo, Khasa Bangle and even Private Bungalow.

  • Brindavan Gardens :

    Best viewed at evening time when lit up, this botanical park is a delightful experience to one and all. The fascinating place has various species of flowerbeds, soft lawns and illumined fountains with three terraces for a great view. There are three big gates, ornamental plants stored in glasshouses and an exit in the shape of a horseshoe. Specific entrance and illumine timings.

  • Jaganmohan Palace :

    This palace meant to be a recreational home for the then Royal Family is located in the center of Mysore. It has brilliant architecture with religious sculpting on the giant wooden doors. This white masterpiece holds respectable historical significance and is unique in its own way to the city of many Palaces, Mysore.

  • Krishna Raja Sagar :

    KRS in short, this massive dam serves as the main source of drinking water for the cities of Mysore and Bangalore. It is the main irrigation source for surrounding areas like Mandya too. India's first irrigation dam also supplies power to Shivanasamudra Hydroelectric Power Station. Surrounded by botanical gardens and musical fountains this creates a scenic ambience for visitors.

  • Melody Wax Museum :

    There is a wide and vibrant display of various wax statues, sculptures and musical instruments in the World Wax Museum. There are 19 assorted galleries ranging from unique musical instruments including western and Indian to life sized wax models. You can easily mistake one for a person.

Best Time to Visit Mysore

The best time to visit Mysore with historical structures with beautiful gardens is during winter when the weather is pleasant. Though evenings can get very cold, October to February is the best time to visit Mysore which is a hotspot for romantic couples too.

How to Reach Mysore

It is a 3 hour journey to the next town Mysore from Airport in Bangalore with well connected flights to major cities in India. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSTRC) has several ordinary, luxury and semi- luxury buses making your road trip pleasant experience. Bangalore Bus Station has a non- stop bus directly to Mysore.

Shopping in Mysore :

Mysore is a hotspot for an endangered ingredient called Sandalwood. Every day- use Sandalwood products include soaps, agarbattis or incense sticks, sandal oil, etc. Mysore Silk is a hard to get silk weave and needless to say Mysore is the best place to obtain one. Coffee Powder, Jasmine incense and Beetel Leaves are other products Mysore is well known for.