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Kovalam - Arabian Sea in Kerala

Tourists from Europe and all over the world throng this lively beach. A pile of rocky stone forms a peninsula creating a perfect destination for beach lovers. There are three beaches adjacent to this mighty beach. This gives a crescent shape with tranquil waters making this the perfect sunbathing bay. There are several Ayurveda heath massages and Spas too. The weather is so hot in this tropical coast that it takes only a few minutes to see the skin tan. Kovalam is also an amazing shopping destination. There is a spread of cuisine including international to traditional Kerala delicacies to savour.

Major Attractions of Kovalam:

  • Eve’s Beach :

    These picturesque calm waters lined with coconut trees gives the look of a framed art work. This is also known as Hawa Beach which is one of the three beaches that form the shape of ‘crescent’ at the Kovalam Beach. There are early morning sunrise /sunset boat trips that fishermen offer. Several eating joints are there if you are left hungry.

  • Vizhinjam Rock Cave Temple :

    Within a kilometer lies a temple with exquisite carvings dating back to the 18th century. This cave is in the midst of a forest like habitat with the elaborate carvings display the talent and art of those times. There is an engraved structure portraying Godess Parvathi and Shiva. Its surroundings too make a great place to recreate.

  • Artificial Off-Shore Coral Reef :

    Corals are a regular factor near beaches and islands. However here, the Kerala State Government collaborated with Department of Harbour Engineering to create the first off-shore coral reef in India. This is aimed at ecological enhancement and improved marine habitat for better fishing. Recently, surfing was introduced at this manmade reef in Lighthouse Beach.

  • Karamana River :

    There is a tiny picturesque suburb called Karamana through which river waters flow. Dotted with coconut trees and tropical plantations there is a famous Tiruvallam Boat Club to go canoe riding, kayaking and for houseboat rides. The river starts at the southern most tip of the scenic Western Ghats and flows through Trivandrum city.

  • Neyyar Dam :

    This is an exotic place with natural picnic –like serene surroundings. Said to also host rare medicinal herbs, this is every Yoga enthusiast’s dream. There is a popular Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram to practice yoga in natural surroundings to relax your mind, body and soul.

  • Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium :

    This extremely vibrant and colorful aqua life will make you see colors you never saw in your life. Located in theatre junction which is known to be Vizhinjam’s busiest fishing harbours. There is an exquisite Image Pearl production in this unique aquarium apart from varieties of Corals and aquatic species.

Best Time to Visit Kovalam

The best time to visit this beautiful recreational zone is during the months of September to March. This marks end of monsoon through winter and beginning of summer when sun is pleasant.

How to Reach Kovalam

This hotspot for tourism is located very close to the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Trivandrum International Airport is around 10 km away.

Shopping in Kovalam :

There are famous shopping sites in Kovalam. Located behind the Lighthouse Beach are the Flea Market /Street Market selling beachwear, hats, handlooms and handicrafts. For best seafood Kovalam Fish Market is a local market selling all types of exotic seafood.