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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Deccan Odyssey To Explore Maharashtra And Rajasthan

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  • 28 Aug 2023
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The cultural and heritage wealth of the country has always been a beauty for the tourists. However, not every destination is made easily accessible. Maharashtra is one such state with high access like international airport, ship routes, road routes to numerous destinations and interconnecting rail routes. This rail route has led to Deccan Odyssey and other luxury trains to venture Maharashtra.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a vacation in Maharashtra, here are the top reasons to choose Deccan Odyssey.

Rajasthan is a unique blend of attractions bordering over scorching deserts and Aravalli ranges. Many people choose Rajasthan to enjoy a classic romantic royal vacation. Deccan Odyssey is one of Asia's luxury trains that cover Rajasthan with different itineraries.

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Introduction to Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey is one of the few luxury trains that cover important destinations in the country with a pre-planned itinerary. The train stops at each destination by dawn and tourists are taken on a road trip to explore top monuments and activities in each destination.

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The train is very luxurious with many pampering amenities inside like restaurant, fully-equipped bathroom, sitting room, lounge, sublime cabins with upholstery, spa, bar, conference room and so on. The train provides many itineraries and four of them start in Mumbai.

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Some itineraries even if started in Mumbai do not focus on Maharashtra. The top itinerary to cover Maharashtra is the Maharashtra Splendor, which covers important destinations in and around Maharashtra like Ellora and Ajanta caves, Nashik, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Goaand others. If you are into wildlife attractions, choose Maharashtra wild trail itinerary.

Suggested tour package: 7 nights 8 days Maharashtra Splendor

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When it comes to Rajasthan, Indian Sojourn and Indian Odyssey focuses more on Rajasthan. The train tries to add more variants to the itineraries by adding unique destinations from different states to it.

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Thus, learn each itinerary in detail before choosing it. Many luxury trains cover exclusively Rajasthan and surrounding regions.

Here are the top reasons why a trip to Rajasthan would be a spectrum of excitement when you choose Deccan Odyssey.

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Suggested tour package: 7 nights 8 days Indian Odyssey

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Top Reasons To Why You Should Choose Deccan Odyssey

1. The Train Itself

The train by itself is the main reason. The train will introduce you to a life-changing experience with comfort bubbling in every aspect. If you are someone looking for top-notch pampering, this bubble of luxury is the right way.

Moreover, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are chaotically beautiful. It takes immense patience to explore and enjoy the colors of the land. Deccan Odyssey will ease you into the land with exclusive amenities.

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2. Pre-Planned Vacation

As mentioned before, the state is chaotic and beautiful. Thus, if you are planning to visit the state on your own, you would end up stressed on with traffic, monument tickets, choosing hotels, finding restaurants and so on.

With Deccan Odyssey, it arranges everything for you. You can learn about every day of your trip on the itinerary page.

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Click here to learn about all the itineraries of Deccan Odyssey.

3. Exclusive Destinations

There is beauty in everything. Only avid travelers can put together the best destinations in a place without being limited by top attractions. Such experts are in charge of creating itineraries in Deccan Odyssey.

The itinerary is focused on providing a piece of every element of Maharashtra like nature, culture, history, religion and exotic activities.

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4. Cuisine

As mentioned before, the train journey is not just a sightseeing trip. It is an adventure to explore every element of Maharashtra and Rajasthan, including its cuisine.

At each destination, the chefs procure the fresh local delicacy ingredients to cook most exotic dishes of each destination. Each dish can be tailored to meet each traveler palate like spiciness, flavoring and so on. If the travelers decide to stick with international cuisine, the menu offers options for the same.

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5. Anecdote Filled Vacation

A beauty of visiting a historic and cultural destination is that there is an anecdote behind every monument, structure, and place. Only an expert guide can create a story like a narration to bring out every eminent detail about a destination or monument.

Deccan Odyssey provides such guides for every trip. Travelers can even choose guides with special language knowledge.

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6. Tailored To You

It is almost impossible to create a trip that tailors to your need in every single way. However, Deccan Odyssey has cracked that impossible trip with every element altered to your need.

You can find your favorite alcohol, signature spa elements, cultural programs, privacy and every other unmatched necessity.

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Click the link to learn about facilities and amenities inside the Deccan Odyssey train.

7. Unique Destination

Although Mumbai is an important tourist destination, Maharashtra is considered to be a hidden gem. There are numerous attractions in Maharashtra, which are usually overlooked by most of the tour agents. Deccan Odyssey has managed to bring in the right blend of iconic attractions and hidden gems.

Top destinations of Maharashtra covered by Deccan Odyssey are Aurangabad, Pench Tiger Reserve, Tadoba national park, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Nasik and others.

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The same goes for Rajasthan too. Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer do not define Rajasthan. The itineraries try to incorporate many hidden gems into the trip to create a unique experience. After all, vacation is all about getting a new experience.

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8. The Other Face of Stereotypes

For long Varanasi is considered as the historic and spiritual epitome of India. Deccan Odyssey has broken that stereotype and introduced Nasik to travelers. Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and other top destinations were usually considered as shopping destinations.

However, Deccan Odyssey will introduce you to the humble streets of Kolkaphur to buy unique souvenirs.

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9. Like-Minded People

Vacation is always best when you get to spend it with people of similar taste. With Deccan Odyssey, you are grouped with people who decided to choose the train and the itinerary just like you. You can easily make friends over a cup of your favorite booze. This will make time go faster when you are traveling.

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10. Easy Transition

If you want to enjoy the region, it is best to enjoy it like the locals. It is impossible to do that without knowing the local language or sticking to your luxury element.

However, Deccan Odyssey covers every local activity and makes you feel like one with the locals. To ease you into this style of activity, they have guides who are versed in local language and English.

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Are you looking forward to a Deccan Odyssey vacation? Make sure to pre-book your tickets at least two-three months prior to your departure date. The demand for certain months and itineraries would be very high. Not all itineraries focus on Maharashtra or Rajasthan and also not all itineraries would suit every traveler. Thus, read through all the itineraries and then choose the desired one.

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