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Steam Train Journeys Around The World

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  • 24 May 2023
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May it be along the Canadian lake front or through the wildlife freshness of Zimbabwe, steam engines are adding a certain romance to the existing train travel. It is like a turn-back nostalgic feel that slows down time and allows you to enjoy and soak in the beauty around you. Here is everything you need to know about steam train journeys.

Top five steam train journeys around the world

1. Ffestiniog Mountain Railway of Wales

This iconic red and green steam engine runs through the mountain regions of Northern Wales. It moves through Snowdonia National Park and covers the foothills of Welsh Highland. The best part of the whole trip is the puffing journey along the Dee River.

To add a holistic experience, tourists visit the Llangollen Railway station on a horse-drawn barge and stay in Victorian styled guesthouses.

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2. Achenses Cog Railway

This Austria train runs from Jenbach to Seespitz and vice-versa, along the cultural Tyrol region. This route covers lush Achensee Lake, the oldest cog railway track of the world and also covers the foothills of Tyrolean. This train has been running for 120 years.

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3. West Highland Line

This is one of the most famous steam lines of the world. Running through the rural Scotland regions between Oban and Mallaig and, Glasgow, this iconic train crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct. Most of the Harry Potter fans have experienced this steam train as it is the closest reality train journey to match with the Hogwarts Express.

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4. Brienz Rothorn Railway

There is a beauty when an engine huffs steam in the cold mountain folds of Switzerland. It starts at the Lake Brienz shoreline and rises up to the pinnacle of Brienzer Rothorn Mountain. The train climbs to the height of 7362 feet above sea level. This is the first Alpine steam engine train and it is still in use since 1892. The most notable moments of this train journey is the Verdant Brunig Pass.

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Discover Europe by Train

5. Children’s Railway

This is Hungary’s endearing steam engine. As the name suggests, this train is open for only children. It is an extra-curricular school activity for the children to learn about the steam engine heritage of the land. It runs only for 7 miles and it is the longest for this kind. It passes through Hungarian countryside, Budapest suburbs and rural farmlands within villages.

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Tips While Traveling In Steam Engine

  1. Steam engine trains are filled with interesting details that adds more value to the engineering concepts that run the train. Give time and explore the train. Do not glue your eyes to the sceneries alone.
  2. People running the steam engines (drivers) are usually very proud of their jobs and engine. Most of them allow you to explore the engine room and even photograph them.
  3. While taking pictures in a steam engine, remember to have extra caution. The train will be moving through diverse landscapes and a camera with fast shutter speed would capture the beauty, perfectly.
  4. Do not forget to experience the smell of coal. After all, you chose to spend an experiencing time with steam engine journey. If the smell of coal would bother you too much, it is best to sit closer to the back of the train. Back end of the train is also the best spot to get good photographs of the train, while it runs through a curved line.
  5. Most of the steam engine tickets are expensive. Look out for deals and offers to get a better price.

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