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Look no further than the world-famous luxurious Rocky Mountaineer for the best Rocky Mountain train. Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train journey through the Canadian Rockies that you must take at least once in your life. Enjoy panoramic views from the glass-domed coaches, culinary delights prepared by talented chefs, and world-class hospitality.

Few places can compete with the beauty of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. They attract millions of visitors each year with majestic towns like Banff and Jasper, stunning turquoise lakes and rivers, and tall glistening mountain peaks. But that’s just a taste of the breathtaking scenery between Vancouver and Calgary.

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There are also the Columbia Mountains, Coast Mountains, semi-desert landscapes around Kamloops, and the Pacific Coast of British Columbia. It’s a great road trip in Canada, but what if you could see it all from the solace of a Rocky Mountain train?

In this article, we will go over the specifics of the Rocky Mountaineer journey.

What is Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train Canada?

The Rocky Mountaineer train is a Canadian icon and one of the world’s most breathtaking journeys. Since its inception in 1990, the train has been an essential part of many avid travellers’ itineraries, and it is easy to see why!

With glass-roofed double-decker trains, a variety of packages, and a range of onboard experiences, not to mention world-class service, the train offers a unique and awe-inspiring way to see some of Canada’s scenery. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. Gliding through British Columbia and Alberta, you’ll be passing through some of the most scenic areas in Canada, passing rocky mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and much more. This journey has something for everyone.

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Rocky Mountaineer has received the prestigious World Travel Award on multiple occasions as the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train.” It recognizes that Rocky Mountaineer is more than just a train ride; it is an adventure that combines history, nature, and personal stories to create an unforgettable experience.

History of the Rocky Mountaineer

For the past 30 years, the Rocky Mountaineer train has run between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. The company, based in Vancouver, BC, was founded in 1990 and provided an all-day train service between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies, with an overnight stay in Kamloops, a town in British Columbia’s interior. Despite the numerous changes the company has implemented, they continue to operate the now-famous luxury train trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Many awards have been bestowed upon the company, including “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train,” the world’s best train ride, and National Geographic Magazine named it one of the “World’s Best Journeys” in 2007.

For maybe the last decade Rocky Mountaineer has also regarded operating in the United States and, for a few years, operated a service between Seattle, Vancouver, Banff, and Jasper National Park.

When the pandemic started, Rocky Mountaineers realized the border between Canada and the United States would be closed for an indefinite period, and the train would not run in 2020. They took advantage of this opportunity to accelerate (pun intended) their plans to expand into the United States.

 How Does the Train Operate Effectively? Can You Get off Whenever you want?

The Rocky Mountaineer is not your typical train. It doesn’t stop all day, and you can’t get off whenever you want. When you book your trip, you are purchasing an entire package that includes the train ride, lodging, and some fun things. It’s a complete journey in and of itself.

Rocky Mountaineer is a privately owned luxury rail service that travels through the Rocky Mountains on some exclusive routes. A trip on the Rocky Mountaineer can be booked as part of a vacation package. Relax and enjoy impeccable service while learning about the fascinating geology and wildlife of the mountains.

When Does the Train Depart?

The train runs twice weekly between April and October. Whereas the Rockies can get very snowy in winter and landslides are possible, the main reason to run during the warmer months is to take advantage of the daylight. Those views are too beautiful to pass up in the winter!

The Wonderful Experience – Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey

The Rocky Mountaineer runs only during the day and is not a sleeper service. You won’t miss any sights at night this way. Once your day’s journey is complete, the Rocky Mountaineer will make an overnight stop in an exciting city where you can eat, see local sights, and rest your head for the night.

Gold Leaf guests will stay in a deluxe hotel, while SilverLeaf guests will stay in a popular hotel. If you want to go all out, upgrade to GoldLeaf Deluxe for the most luxurious hotels.

The journey onboard is your chance to see incredible scenery unlike anywhere else, so the train does not stop like a regular train. Typically, you will spend 8-10 hours on board before stopping for the night. This may appear to be a lot of work, but your onboard experience will have you hoping you could stay longer! Your hosts will hold you entertained with facts and stories, and also point out the wildlife, somewhere between world-class dining and incredible views!

Delicious Food and Beverage Facilities

The Rocky Mountaineer train is well-known for its excellent service and gourmet meals. Menus have been created by award-winning, internationally trained chefs. Some of the most appealing dishes revolve around B.C. steelhead salmon fillets, Alberta beef short ribs, Yukon Gold potatoes, Fraser Valley chicken, and fruits and vegetables from the local market. You’ll wash it all down with Okanagan Valley Merlot and other local beers.

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Between meals, complimentary beverages and snacks are always available. You can always count on your Host to bring you a plate of warm cookies or to refill your glass of wine. You’ll be glad to know that spectacular dining is included in the journey. Dinner is provided when traveling from Seattle to Vancouver on the Coastal Passage in the evening. On all other routes, you will be served breakfast and lunch while on the train.

When you travel in GoldLeaf, you’ll be treated to elegant gourmet meals made with fresh local ingredients. You’ll eat in a dedicated lower-level dining room with panoramic Rockies views.

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Those traveling on SilverLeaf Service will be served at their seats. Snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day, regardless of which service you use, and are made with local produce and Canadian Okanagan wines.

Enjoy elegantly plated meals prepared with local ingredients in the solace of a dedicated dining room, all while meandering views of the Rocky Mountains unfurl right outside your window.

GoldLeaf Service Vs. SilverLeaf Service – Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey Canada

The service level you travel on will determine how you experience the breathtaking scenery along the way. Huge picture windows next to your seat in SilverLeaf will allow you to take in the scenery. The train carriage has only one level.

The train in GoldLeaf Service has two levels, with dining on the lower level and seating on the upper. Your views will be from a higher elevation, allowing you to see above the treeline. You’ll also have glass-domed roofs instead of picture windows, giving you 360-degree views.

What’s the best part? There is also an exclusive outdoor viewing platform where you can get even closer to the viewpoints. Indulge your senses with gourmet meals prepared by Executive Chefs and expansive views of the Canadian Rockies through the panoramic windows of a bi-level glass dome coach with GoldLeaf Service. The exclusive outdoor viewing platform in GoldLeaf Service allows you to get even closer to the views with no windows in the way!

GoldLeaf Dome Coach Highlights


  • Full-length dome windows provide panoramic views.
  • Seats that recline and rotate to accommodate groups of four
  • Complete galley kitchen
  • 36 picture window seats in the dining room – four guests per table.
  • Temperature-controlled relaxation
  • To the dome level, there is a spiral staircase and an ADA elevator.
  • Overnight in a hotel in Kamloops or Quesnel, with luggage delivered to your room.
  • Transfers to and from the train are included in your package tour


SilverLeaf Coach Highlights


  • Enjoy spectacular views from our single-level dome coach’s oversized windows, which have a 167 percent larger viewing area than the RedLeaf service.
  • Relax in dome-level comfy seats that can rotate to accommodate groups of four.
  • Take pleasure in temperature-controlled comfort.
  • Overnight in a moderately priced hotel in Kamloops, with luggage delivered to your hotel.
  • Transfers from and to the train as part of your package tour

Where does the Rocky Mountaineer take you?

The Rocky Mountaineer takes you right to the Canadian Rockies. The company operates three rail routes in British Columbia and Alberta, connecting Vancouver to the picturesque towns of Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. This world-famous train travels by daylight, allowing you to see the breathtaking scenery of the Rockies, such as parts that cannot be reached or seen by car!


The incredible two-day journey that begins in Banff is our favorite Rocky Mountaineer rail route. The train travels west through the Shuswap region, with stunning lake views along the way. You’ll spend one night in the charming town of Kamloops before arriving in Vancouver, Canada’s westernmost city.

Beautiful Scenery along the way During a Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey

When you ride the Rocky Mountaineer, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Each morning, the locomotive engines begin to hum, and a buzz of excitement fills the carriages as the guests await the day’s adventures.

The two-day Banff to Vancouver rail journey takes you through breathtaking scenery, including pristine glaciers and snow-capped mountains, as well as sturdy lakeshores, plunging canyons, and sweeping ranchlands. On your first day, you’ll travel through the legendary Spiral Tunnels, the great Continental Divide, Roger’s Pass, Kicking Horse Canyon, and Craigellachie, where the Canadian Pacific Railway’s final spike was driven into the ground.

After arriving in Kamloops in the evening, you can either explore the beautiful town or unwind in your hotel room. The following day, get up early to reboard the train and keep going west.

You’ll wonder at the changing landscapes as you travel from winding river canyons and dense forests, to the Coast and Cascade Mountain. Take in the desert-like scenery along the Thompson River. Go crazy for the green fields and rushing waters of the Fraser Valley’s Hell’s Gate.

This is Canada at its finest, and you’ll soak up every breathtaking inch as the train slows to “roll by” speed to ensure that every guest captures the perfect photo. There is nothing like a train journey to get to the heart of a country.

What are the Rocky Mountaineer’s Luxury Features?

From the comfort of a luxurious coach, you’ll get up close and personal with the spectacular wilderness of the Rockies. Five-star comfort and elegance are the highest priorities and the seats are wide enough so you’ll have all the room you’ll require for a pleasurable trip.

The coach is encircled by panoramic bi-level glass-domed windows, allowing you to keep an eye on the scenery at all times. When you travel in GoldLeaf, you’ll also have access to a large outdoor viewing platform, allowing you to get even closer to the action. You’ll be astounded as you float past some of the world’s most incredible wildlife and landscapes.

The Hosts are friendly and welcoming, and they are one of the highlights of the journey. You’ll quickly form a bond with your designated Host, who is always available to share stories and tell jokes.

They’ll even answer any questions you have about the landscapes you’re passing through. The Hosts are truly responsible for transforming the journey from a picturesque train-ride to a moving, life-changing experience.

The excellent service does not end when the train arrives at the station at the end of the day. You’ll be whisked away to your hotel, where your luggage will be delivered directly to your room.

The entire experience is designed to be completely seamless, so all you have to focus on are those breathtaking views!

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