Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Christmas, it’s all about the festival of X-mas trees wrapped with lights and decorative papers, Christmas Star, cupcakes, sharing and loving, and fun etc a lot, its impossible to describe in words about Christmas. During snowfall winters, houses glittering with lights and celebrations looks very beautiful and attractive. It seems like a grand festival saying bye to the past year and welcoming the new year in advance. Everywhere in India, the joy and fun of Christmas can be seen.

Here it is given the top 10 places, best-known for fantastic Christmas celebrations in India.

1. Goa

The first name everyone suggests in India for extreme Christmas celebrations means it is Goa. Portuguese rule in Goa in the past made this place unique for Christmas celebrations. Uncountable churches in Goa are the great platforms for Christmas celebrations with midnight prayers and singing carols etc. The whole city lightening with glittered lights and decorated with flowers looks admiring and attractive.

And the beaches and nearby hotels and restaurants will fully joshed up with parties and celebrations of Christmas. This Christmas celebration continues up to New Year with same and equal josh.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

The Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of St.Anne, The Se Cathedral, The Church of Our Lady of Rosary, etc.

Christmas Celebration in Church

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2. Kerala

Kerala is a serene and pristine place known for Christmas celebrations. Backwaters and beaches of Kerala attract tourists for Christmas celebrations. The God’s own country, Kerala is the ideal place to enjoy the celebrations in nature’s lap. Churches in Kerala will glow in lights and celebrations with songs and midnight mass. Everything from local streets to churches in Kerala reflects the grand celebration of Christmas.

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Best-known churches for Celebrations

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours, St.Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica, Thavam Church, etc.

cristmas at Kerala

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3. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a desired place for Christmas celebrations with numerous churches and serene beaches. The influence of French colonization in olden days makes Pondicherry is an ideal spot for Christmas celebrations.

The Gothic churches of Pondicherry are the great places to enjoy the celebrations of Christmas with full of joy and bliss. Attractions and things to do in this city during Christmas are infinite to enjoy. The city looks alluring in lights during Christmas.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Christ Church, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Edappally Church, Milagres Church etc.

Christmas at Pondichery

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church

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4. Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial city of India is also a great place for Christmas. The city will glow in lights during the Christmas with utmost celebrations from midnight mass to the parties in pubs and clubs. The malls and bakeries of Mumbai will be filled with people during Christmas.

Cupcakes and Christmas candies in bakeries of Mumbai will have a great demand during Christmas. Mumbai is the best place for Christmas celebrations with full of options to enjoy a lot.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

St.Thomas Cathedral church, St.Michael church, Mount Mary, Gloria church, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, etc.

Mount Mary, Mumbai

Mount Mary, Mumbai

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5. Delhi

Delhi is one of the best places in India for the perfect Christmas celebrations. The capital of India, Delhi is known for the utmost Christmas celebrations with endless options to enjoy.

Restaurants and Hotels with special menus and holy churches for midnight mass are the great auspicious celebration spots in Delhi. And the clubs and pubs in Delhi creates the full josh party mood to enjoy the celebrations with families and buddies.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

St.James church, St. Alphonsa’s church, Cathedral church of the Redemption, St.Mary’s church, St.Thomas church etc.

Cathedral Church Of Redemption New-Delhi

Cathedral Church Of Redemption

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6. Shillong

North-East India is the best region known for Christmas celebrations and Shillong is the one which is the best-known place for Christmas celebrations. Shillong has a good Christian population, that’s why here Christmas will be celebrated in a grand manner.

The churches of Shillong are the best places to seek the utmost Christmas celebrations with midnight mass, singing carols, etc.

The playful events of Christmas, traditional cuisines, and the gospel music bands etc a number of activities makes Shillong as the best destination for Christmas celebrations.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral is the one and only best church in Shillong.

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral

7. Daman and Diu

Portuguese influenced Daman and Diu quaint little city is the best-known destination for Christmas celebrations. This small city is known for cultural shows during Christmas and the popular dance show of this place is Corrindinho.

The streets and houses of Daman and Diu glittering with lamps and lanterns looks very authentic and attractive. However, don’t miss to experience the beaches of Daman and Diu during Christmas celebrations.

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Best-known churches for Celebrations

Bom Jesus church, St.Paul church, Our Lady of the sea, St.Francis of Assisi church etc.

St.Francis of Assisi church

St.Francis of Assisi Church

8. Kolkata

Kolkata city looks very different and attractive during Christmas celebrations with light and sound exhibition and rock music bands. Christmas celebrations in Kolkata beat up the sky with a number of attractions and things to do.

The Kolkata streets will be flocked with shops. During Christmas for sometime Kolkata streets become like a shopping paradise for cupcakes and things required for Christmas. Simply, the city of joy will be more joyous during Christmas.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

St.Paul’s cathedral, Mar Thoma Syrian church, St.Thomas church, St.Andrew’s church etc.

St.Andrew's church, Kolkata

St.Andrew’s Church

9. Manali

If you want to experience the Christmas in the snowy region means Manali is the best place. During December, Manali region will be filled with complete snow. Everything around you will be stuck in the snow.

Experiencing Christmas in this snowfall region is the best thing to do. Playing with snowballs and enjoying the environment of Christmas with X-mas trees, candies, Santa Claus, etc is a lot to enjoy in Manali. But don’t forget to try the snow activities in Manali during winters.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

Protestant church.

Christmas in Manali

10. Bangalore

Bangalore is also an ideal place for Christmas celebrations in India. The city attractions of Bangalore will get double during Christmas. The stalls and malls of Bangalore offer great discounts and deals during Christmas. The streets of the city will be allured with bright lights and many food stalls will attract people with delicious cuisines. There is a lot to enjoy in Bangalore during Christmas.

Best-known churches for Celebrations

Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Mark’s Cathedral, St.Patrick’s church, Infant Jesus church, St.Mary’s Basilica, etc.

Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

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