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According to the Indian Railways, the reservation seats can be subdivided into several quotas so that everyone can travel on an inexpensive train. Quotas are available for Genera, Ladies, Defence, Senior Citizen etc.

Of these quotas, one quota is exclusively for foreign tourists and non-resident Indians, who can book tickets through IRCTC (Indian Railway catering And Tourism Corporation) online website.

Foreign tourists and NRIs holding a valid passport can book tickets upto one year in advance under IRCTC Foreign Tourist Quota. This article will tell you how to book foreign tourist quota reservation online.

Who can book a ticket under Foreign tourist train quota?

Foreign tourists and non resident Indians, who hold a valid passport and tourist visas can avail tickets under Foreign Tourist Train Quota.

Tourists in India, who hold a business visa, or a student visa or an employment visa, are not eligible to book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota. In case of a female traveller, who didn’t know the rules on the train, the Indian Railways offer the benefit of booking some tickets under the female quota.

Do all trains have Foreigner Tourist Quota tickets?

No, all trains don’t have Foreign Tourist Quota tickets.

The Indian Railways have not declared publicly any list of trains, which have Foreigner Tourist Quota tickets. But the Indian Railways website provides the ‘seat availabilty’ section, on which you may check whether the train, you are searching, has any Foreign Tourist Quota tickets.

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Can Foreigner tourist quota tickets be booked in advance?

Yes, Foreigner Tourists Quota train tickets can be booked in advance.

Like General quota tickets, foreign tourists can book tickets 60 days before the train departure.

You cannot book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota online or by an agent because you have to present your valid passport and tourist visa at the booking centre. So you need to be present there. If you want to book tickets for another person also, you have to bring that individual in person or you must carry his/her passport and tourist visa.

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Where do you book Foreigner’s Tourist quota train tickets?

You may book tickets under Foreigner’s Tourist Quota at the International tourist bureaus. These bureaus are in major cities like Kolkata( in the east), Bangalore, Chennai and Secunderabad (in the south), Varanasi, New Delhi and Agra Cantonment (in the north) and Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai and Ahmedabad (in the west).

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How do you pay for the train tickets and is there a special fare?

The ticket fare under Foreign Tourist Quota and General Quota are same. So, foreigners and NRIs must pay in Dollar, Euros, Pounds or Sterling. Indian rupees are also allowed if you can present the ATM receipt or currency exchange receipt. As all bureaus don’t accept a credit/ debit card, you must carry the ticket fare in cash.

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Can Foreigners book railway tickets in all classes?

Yes, foreigners can book railway tickets in all classes.

The Indian Railways has removed restrictions from booking railway tickets in all classes. Now, you can book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota in all classes namely in first class AC, sleeper class, second class AC, Third AC, Chair car, and second seater class. You can book through IRTC website 365 days in advance.

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The Policy of Reservation for Foreign Tourists 

The characteristic features of the policy have been mentioned below:

  • International mobile number of foreign tourists is captured during registration.
  • Your passport number will be captured during registration.
  • You can make payment through International debit/ Credit card via AMEX and ATOM.
  • You can book tickets 365 days in advance.
  • Ticket booking information will be sent either on SMS or on your registered e-mail id.
  • After allotting berths by PRS system download Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) from the IRCTC website.
  • Cancellation SMS will be sent if berths are not allotted under FTQ. Starting of Refund process will be informed via SMS.
  • In case of cancellation of tickets by foreign tourists, 50% will be deducted. 50% refund will be made 4 hours before the train departure time.

Ticket Booking Rules

Here are 10 IRCTC ticket booking rules:

  1. You can book online tickets 120 days in advance. 6 tickets are available monthly from one user id. If you are Andhar-verified, you will be allowed 12 tickets.
  2. You can book tatkal tickets one day before departure. The time for booking for AC coaches starts from !0 A.M. and for sleeper classes starts from 11 A.M.
  3. 2 Tatkal tickets can be booked from one user id.
  4. One Tatkal ticket is allowed for booking in a single session.
  5. Between 8 A.M. and 12 noon, quick book services are not available.
  6. Agents can book tickets between 8-8:30 a.m., 10-10:30 a.m and 11-11:30 a.m.
  7. You can fill up the passenger details in 25 seconds. You can fill up payment page in 5 seconds.
  8. For net-banking, you have to verify bank account with OTP.
  9. Maximum 6 berths can be booked at a time in case of Tatkal booking.
  10. You can claim refunds if the departure time of train exceeds three hours or if the train route has been changed.
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Service Charges

Under IRCTC rule, in addition to rail ticket fare, service charge of Rs.200 with GST per ticket is levied on booking. This is done through e-ticketing website.

Cancellation Policies

If you cancel your ticket, 50% of ticket fare will be deducted. Additionally you have to pay cancellation charges. The Indian Railways set the time limit for cancellation of tickets by foreigners.

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Key Highlights

  • Foreign tourists and NRIs with valid passport and tourist visa are eligible to book Indian railways tickets.
  • You have to give Rs. 100 for registration and update of your profile.
  • You can book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota up to 365 days in advance.
  • Updating of IRCTC profiles of foreign tourists and NRIs are mandatory. You can update your profile on IRCTC e-ticketing website.

IRCTC has the only e-ticketing website, which allows foreign tourists and NRIs to book tickets online under foreign tourist quota.

Indian railway also runs many luxury train and semi-luxury train India such as Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot Train. And Semi Luxury trains are Tiger Express, Desert Circuit Tourist Train, Heritage Circuit Tourist Train etc.

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