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How to Book Maharajas' Express Train?

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  • 28 Aug 2023
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Maharajas’ Express is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. If you are looking for a blue-blood styled vacation in India, you ought to try a vacation with Maharajas’ Express train. Maharajas’ Express is one of the most elegant trains in the country and the demand for the tickets is sky-high.

Here is everything that you need to know about how to book Maharajas’ Express tickets online.

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The ticket cost varies from time to time. However, the number of travelers choosing to enjoy India will be higher during Christmas vacation and New Year’s Day. Thus, December and January are the peak season of bookings.

Apart from having a higher cost, the demand for the tickets will be higher too. Thus, if you are planning to book during the season, it is recommended to do it at least three to four months prior. During the season, an additional cost of USD 500 or more will be added to the ticket cost.

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Types Of Accommodation

Another important factor for ticket cost is the type of accommodation. There are four types of accommodations in the train. The Deluxe cabins are the cheapest level of accommodation.

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In a train like Maharajas’ Express, even the lowest level of luxury would be at par with star hotels. The other levels of accommodations in ascending order of luxury and price are Junior Suites, Suites and the exclusive Presidential Suite.

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Step By Step Process For Booking Maharajas' Express Tickets

Step 1: Visit Booking Page

Visit site and reach the booking page of Maharajas’ Express.

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Step 2: Select Journey

The first section of the booking page will be choosing the itinerary and departure date. Maharajas’ Express offers four primary signature itineraries. Each itinerary will be listed along with the time span of the journey and starting and ending destinations. Click on the itinerary of your choice.


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Step 3: Choose the Journey Date

Based on your itinerary choice, the list of travel dates will change. Maharajas’ Express cannot offer all the itineraries every week. Some itineraries are served once a month and some are served more frequently. To aid vacation planners, you will find the travel dates for more than a year or two. If the date of your choice is not present, you can change the itinerary and check.


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Step 4: Click Next to Select No. of Travelers

Press ‘Next’ button after selecting itinerary and departure date.


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Step 5: Select Number of Travelers

The next section is selecting number of travelers. The cost of your ticket varies with the number of travelers. There will be three fields with explanations. The first field is for adults, who are above the age of 12. The second column is for kids between the age of 5 and 12 and the third is for infants below the age of 5. Once you click any of the fields, a drop down menu appears, in which you need to choose the right number.


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Step 6: Fill your Details

This is the stage for personal details. You need to enter your name, email ID, country of origin, phone number and any specific requirements. This requirements field is the place where you mention any special request for the train crew to provide you during the trip. Last minute requests after boarding the train would be impossible to satisfy.


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Step 7: Completion of your Query

Once you click submit, you would be transferred to a thank you page. This page is a mere acknowledgement that your query has been successfully submitted. This page does not mean that your booking is confirmed. Phone number and other contact details of the agent will be mentioned in this page.


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Step 8: Connect with Travel Expert

Wait for the travel representative to call you and guide you through the remaining set of booking and payment procedures.

Know more about Maharajas' Express before booking tickets

Current Maharajas' Express Ticket Fare in USD and INR

According to RBI, Indians including NRI should pay the train fare in INR only. The ticket cost also varies from time to time. To aid pre-planners, Orient Rail Journeys have listed the price for each itinerary and for each style of accommodation under each itinerary in both INR and USD.

For more details on the fare of Maharajas’ Express, visit.

For INR version of the Maharajas’ Express cost, visit the special page

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Know about 

Various Itineraries of Maharajas’ Express

As mentioned above, the train provides four unique itineraries.

1. 6 Nights 7 Days The Heritage of India : Starts in Mumbai and ends in Delhi

Destinations covered : Mumbai - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Bikaner - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra - Delhi

2. 6 Nights 7 Days The Indian Panorama : Starts and ends in New Delhi

Destinations covered : Delhi - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra - Orchha - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Delhi

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3. 6 Nights 7 Days The Indian Splendour : Starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai

Destinations covered : Delhi - Agra - Ranthambore - Jaipur - Bikaner - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Mumbai

4. 3 Nights 4 Days Treasures of India : Starts and ends in New Delhi

Destinations covered : Delhi - Agra - Ranthambore - Jaipur- Delhi

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Also Check other luxury train Itineraries such as

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Tariff Inclusion and Exclusion

The ticket cost that you pay for booking covers most of the expenses of your travel. However, not every cost is included in the tickets. Here is everything that your ticket will cover and exclude.

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Expenses that are included in the tariff are

  1. Accommodation and dining inside the train
  2. All soft beverages, Indian spirits, Indian wines and Indian beers
  3. Meals in designated hotels
  4. Complementary water, beverages and snacks
  5. Butler service, room service and others
  6. Road excursion, sightseeing entry fee and camera fee
  7. English speaking guide
  8. Porter at each station

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Expenses that are to be paid by the travelers are

  1. Any optional tour or excursion provided from time to time over and above the itinerary of your choice. Clear indication will be provided to whether the excursion is a part of the itinerary or an optional one.
  2. Taxes, gratuities and insurance
  3. Telephone charges for the calls made with the phone provided inside the cabin
  4. All international brands of liquor
  5. Professional camera and video camera charges
  6. Pre and post accommodation, transportation, food and other charges
  7. Any personal purchases made during the trip
  8. Any business class feature like laundry and others.
  9. Non-English speaking guides

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Check Out :

Terms and Conditions of Booking

The terms and conditions page is quite long but, it does not give you the privilege of not knowing the important conditions of booking. You would be spending a huge amount of money in booking tickets and you should know about the criteria of every element of your train journey like cancellation, booking tickets, child policy and so on.

Check Here : Booking Policy and Cancellation Policy

Here are some of the important terms and conditions of Maharajas' Express that you should know.

  1. 25% of the ticket cost should be paid for the booking and the balance should be paid before 75 days prior to the departure date. If failed, the ticket will be considered cancelled and no-refund will be provided.
  2. If you are booking 59 days prior to the departure date, the entire cost should be paid.
  3. If you plan to cancel your tickets 60 days or more prior to the departure date, 25% of the ticket cost will be charged as cancellation fee.
  4. If you are canceling 45 to 59 days in prior, 50% of the cost will be charged as cancellation fee.
  5. No refund would be made if tickets are canceled 44 days or less from the departure date.
  6. No refund would be made if the train crew cancels the tour. Instead, an alternative date will be provided for the itinerary.
  7. Carry all the documents of booking with you. You would be requested to show the proof at any time during the travel.

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