First Luxury Space Hotels in the World Soon

Luxury train, flight and even submarine have emerged in the travel world. Are you bored with these traditional ways of vacationing? Now, it is time to expand your vacation beyond earth and into the star-riddled universe. Orion Space, a private company is planning to create a benchmark in tourism.

Orion Space is planning an exotic hotel in the space, a little below the International Space Station that will be built and executed before 2020. The hotel is named as Aurora Station and will be launched at a distance of 322 km away from the earth.

Space Hotels

The hotel is aimed at providing maximum number of windows to allow passengers to gaze into the space. The hotel space is very limited and only four people can stay during a time. Two suitesĀ  are built in the hotel. Two people should share a suite throughout the vacation.

Two crew members will be available throughout the vacation to serve the tourists. The hotel provides 12-day tour packages for the tourists, as of now. No one can choose to take up this vacation as a last-minute idea. Travelers have to take 3-month training program to prepare them for the 12-day vacation in space.

Luxury Vacations in SpaceLuxury space vacation is not going to be easy on your wallet. 12-day tour will cost minimum of 9.5 million dollars per person.

According to Orion Space, people will be excited to pay the price for an exotic vacation that not every Tom, Dick and Harry can enjoy. According to the company, there will be a high demand for the space vacation. Given the number of Star Wars and Star Trek fan list and science lovers, this would be a dream-come-true style of vacation.

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Many space industries are building many equipment and amenities that will provide comfort like never before in space vacation.

With the growing demand, Orion Space is ready to pre-book dates for those who are ready to pay a refundable deposit fee of 80,000 dollars per head. Are you willing to pay big-time money for an exotic space vacation?

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