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Explore Europe by Train : Train Tickets and Rail Passes

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  • 16 Oct 2023
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Europe is one of the smallest continents according to its size but richest in its style and luxury. This country is having extravagant seashores, fields of bluebells, limestone precipices, and probably the best mountain sees on earth.

Trains in Europe are safe & fast and also very clean & modern when compared with other countries. For visitors inside the country or from outside the country, Train travel is the best choice.


Traveling by train in Europe is romantic, inspiring and comfortable too. The best thing about a European rail venture is how simply sitting in the carriage and watching out the window is frequently superior to showing up. Some of the time it's smarter to put the camera down and ingest the train sees through your very own eyes.

Train travel to Europe step-by-step guide

European Buying Train Tickets and Rail Passes

The place to buy your train ticket in Europe is Rail Europe. They also sell passes. Train tickets and Rail passes are two different things. Train ticket is valid for a single journey on a specific train, date and time.

Rail pass is valid for traveling whenever you want within the country or between multiple countries based upon type of the pass. The different types of Rail passes available are Single country passes & Multi-country passes. If you choose passes system you can avail discounts & benefits so that you can avail money.

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Top International High-Speed Train Routes


Europe has a high-speed rail network easily connecting many cities. Among many the main international services are Thalys connects Paris to northwest Germany and Eurostar connects London with Europe.

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Some more best international routes in Europe:

  1. London to Paris takes approximately 2h40mins
  2. London to Brussels 2h 15mins
  3. Paris to Brussels 1h10mins
  4. Paris to Barcelona 6h15mins
  5. Frankfurt to Paris 3h50mins
  6. Hamburg to Copenhagen 3h35mins
  7. Frankfurt to Zurich 3h15mins

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Spain has more kilometers of rail tracks than anywhere in the country and this occupies second place in the world.

  • Madrid to Barcelona 2h20mins
  • Madrid to Seville 2h20mins
  • Barcelona to Seville 5h05mins
  • Madrid to Malaga 2h

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Among all, Germany laid the foundation for high-speed train movement in Europe but it is not exist now.

  • Berlin to Hamburg 2h
  • Frankfurt to Munich 3h

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The fast rail network in Italy is one long queue that associates Naples to Turin, through Rome, Bologna, Florence, and Milan.

  • Rome to Florence 1h
  • Rome to Milan 3h
  • Rome to Bologna 2h
  • Rome to Naples 1h 50mins
  • Milan to Bologna 45mins
  • Milan to Turin 35mins

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In France, like remaining cities, there are no many high-speed rail routes and we may find them in the future as the work is in progress.

  • Paris to Lyon 1h 50mins
  • Paris to Marseille 3h
  • Paris to Strasbourg 1h 50mins
  • Paris to Lille 55mins

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In India, you can take a ride in Indian luxury train such as Maharaja Express Train India, Palace On Wheels Train, Deccan Odyssey Train and Golden Chariot Train.

Main Advantages to train travel in Europe


Now a day's most of the rail services offering electronic tickets (Ticket is sent to phone directly after booking).

Can take more luggage without excess fees

If you travel through train you can take luggage without limit and excess fees for multiple bags, unlike flights.

One can sleep on the train

You can sleep as you sleep at your home as each person is given separate berth among reservation.

You can use your valuable time for yourself happily

Unlike car and bus travel you can use your valuable time happily and freely for productivity by sitting or sleeping as you like.

Arrive in the center of the town

European train stations are located in the middle of town so that no need of spending money and time traveling to the station.

One can get good safety

If you travel through trains you can sleep without fear of accidents and also you can get inner safety in the compartments at all the time.

Best value for money

If you book the tickets early, you can avail tickets for cheap and also among all different modes of traveling tickets, train tickets are very cheap and thus the best value for money.

Having more space and comfortable

If you travel through 2 wheeler or car 0r bus or any other type of vehicle as per your choice you will not find more space to sit in relaxation mode or you will not feel comfortable sitting for long journeys, so choosing train is best in this case as you can sit freely in more space or you can sleep even in berth comfortably.

Beautiful views

While traveling one can enjoy the beautiful view of the country.

Having special discounts for youth, group traveling

If you want to travel with the group, there are special discounts for traveling with the group, so just avail those offers and discounts by asking them.

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Main Disadvantages to train travel in Europe

Train schedule is confusing for beginners

If you are a beginner whenever you see the schedule you may feel it confusing but slowly you will understand the system.

Cost is expensive for high-speed trains

Normal trains that do not go faster have lower fares and the cost is more expensive for high-speed trains but you can reach early with this.

Rail strikes

Strikes may happen a few times in the country but they announce in advance, so plan according to that.

Takes more time for long distances

If you choose traveling through train for long distances it may take more time, so for very long distances choose Flights.

Fixed schedules

Trains having fixed schedules, so one should plan their schedule according to this time table and also the system is very strict in following times, so don't be late else you will miss the train.

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Traveling tips to travel in Europe:

1. Try to plan your journey with discounts

Railways sometimes give discounts on special days and occasions. So enquire about that and know about that and plan accordingly.

2. Choose first class or second class for the best journey

While traveling on a train you have different classes but choosing first or second class gives the best experience through the fare maybe a little bit more than usual.

3. Buy train tickets on advance

Plan your journey properly. Book your tickets in advance, so that you can get whatever seat and class you want, else you have to adjust.

4. Decide which option is best for you whether normal ticket or rail pass

If you travel very less blindly go for a normal ticket but if you are a traveler and traveling all around just go with the rail passes blindly. Choose the best rail pass according to your traveling and enjoy.

5. Arrange foods for yourself

Bring your food with you. Buying food on the train is sometimes not hygienic.

6. Save money by using overnight time trains

Just remember if you use overnight trains you will save money as there is no need of staying night in hotels.

7. Pack the right supplies like travel light, etc.

While traveling one should pack some supplies like travel light, food, and snacks along with their usual luggage.

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Why You Should Take the Train in Europe?

  • Trains enable you to move effectively among cities and European capitals. Most train stations are situated close to the traveler centers and have lodgings close by.
  • You can rest on a night train, sparing travel time and a portion of the expense of an inn.
  • No stopping stresses.
  • You can take the train on a stormy day just to see the landscape, without agonizing over the unscheduled cost.
  • With an unhindered Eurail Pass, you can get into the train or you can get off train whenever you wish without the issue of managing ticketing specialists.

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