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Dream it, Book it, Experience it - Palace on Wheels Train

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  • 24 May 2023
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Journey through the Palace on Wheels is an endeavor for many people. Maybe due to its royal ambiance and luxurious setup, many people feel their journey with the Palace on Wheels is a dream achievement. That's why the line “Dream it, Book it, and Experience it” suits very fine for who is loving to embark Palace on Wheels.

Here we go through why people are very much fond of it and what made them to keep it as a dream to achieve.

Why Palace on Wheels only?

Apart from the Palace on Wheels, there are some more famous luxury trains in India but why people are very much interested in Palace on Wheels is due to its royalty and richness. Maybe any luxury train in the world can’t match the Palace on Wheels charisma. It’s like an ideal luxury train with a unique setup, inspiring people to experience it.

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What’s the Uniqueness of Palace on Wheels?

Nothing but, its warm and regal environment for travelers made it unique from others. Everything equipped and adorned to the train reflects the theme of nobility. Even the carriages of the train were once the royal coaches of Indian Maharajas.

Due to the reason, Palace on Wheels always looks glorious in imperial. To signify Palace on Wheels commitment, the coaches of the train were named with erstwhile famous Rajputana landmarks. All the instances in the train depict it’s the name for royalty and opulence.

What are the core things alluring travelers to experience it?

In three words, its royalty, lavishness, and exotic itinerary making travelers be a part of the Palace on Wheels. Especially, the facilities provided in the Palace on Wheels is an extravaganza. Everything available on the board makes everyone surprise, is they are traveling on a train or not?. It means simply in a word what you enjoy at your home you can expect it on the train.

The next thing is its exotic itinerary. The train covers the tourist gems of Rajasthan land. The 7 nights 8 days itinerary of Palace on Wheels travels through Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Agra. Each destination will spark with different tourist attractions. Overall travelers can experience the all variations of Indian tourism with Agra’s Taj Mahal, beautiful Bharatpur Sanctuary, wildlife safari rides in Sawai Madhopur, and more.

Find out the Palace on Wheels departure dates

After getting known all these things, everyone, love to enjoy the journey with the Palace on Wheels. Really, we have to dream for it, book it, and experience it. In the span of doing all these, we will more stick to it.

Checkout the Palace on Wheels train price

“Dream for it”

Dream the journey with the Palace on Wheels. Just think how it will be from your welcoming ceremony at the station to the last day of your journey with the Palace on Wheels train. Dream, how you spend time on the board amid grandiosity and luxuriousness. Dream the tourist attractions you are going to experience in Rajasthan. Continue in dreaming for it until your time comes to achieve it. Wait for the moment. When your chance came, grab the opportunity to travel with the Palace on Wheels.

Watch here Palace on Wheels Train Video

“Book Your Dream”

When your dream came in true. Don’t hesitate to book for it. It’s a just thing of 5 minutes time at your fingertips to book. Never forget to book at the right time. Because in right time only you can fulfill your journey. So, choose the best season for your journey. Here is small advice which is the best season to book.

The Palace on Wheels runs in two seasons. They are Peak Season and Lean Season. Peak Season commits in between months of October to March and Lean Season from April to September. During Peak Season you can enjoy the best journey because it is favorable for tourism but Lean Season is a little bit harsh. The thing is also to remind is Peak Season is costly than Lean Season. So, after based on all these you can choose the best of yours. Any season it may be the treat of Palace on Wheels is the same alike.

How to Book: Online booking of Palace on Wheels train

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“Achieve your dream by experiencing it”

After dreaming and booking it, the one and only the thing remained to do is experiencing it. Experience the rich feeling with Palace on Wheels journey from embarking to disembarking. The feel you get when you first stepped in Palace on Wheels is just speechless with its grandeur looks. Then, experience your lovely cabin with the world-class equipment and regal decors. Later, get stun with the royal interiors of the train adorned with mind-blowing architectural works and decorations.

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Enjoy the best facilities on the train at your cabin door. Whatever you order it will be there before you in a few minutes. So feel like you're a King or Queen in the Palace. After it, experience the two grand restaurants of the train with the delicious cuisines. Every day a different cuisine will make you feel awesome.


Explore More: Palace on Wheels cabins

Later, just chill at the bar and spa of the Palace on Wheels which are the best places to get out of stress. And then, spend your leisure time at the lounge of the train with a mini-library and T.V for entertainment. At last, experience the fantastic tourist attractions of Rajasthan in the span of 7 days.

View More: Palace on Wheels route map

After experiencing all these things, you have also to experience the sadness of leaving Palace on Wheels with a number of sweet memories.

You can Frequently Asked Questions here.

Your journey from dreaming to experiencing the Palace on Wheels will go on like this. Maybe it will be more beautiful than the above mentioned. But the journey experience with the Palace on Wheels is an unforgettable moment in your life.

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